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Feature #1891: RCP: X.X, Analec annotation edition mouse management
Feature #1929: Update Analec mesure macro with an Analec update
Feature #1930: RCP: X.X, First Analec mesure macros
Feature #1935: RCP: X.X, Analec annotations creation macros
Bug #1939: RCP: 0.7.8, Windows selection right limit is wrong
Feature #1987: Analec unit fields view v2
Feature #1990: RCP: X.X, Contextualize Analec extension commands access
Feature #1991: RCP: X.X, fix edition annotation mode button scenario
Feature #1992: RCP: X.X, new message scenario, modal alert dialog
Bug #1993: RCP: X.X, unit annotation toolbar identifier display is broken
Bug #1994: RCP: X.X, units annotation toolbar list widget
Bug #1995: RCP: X.X, "Selection is not structured : null" while opening Edition
Feature #1996: RCP: X.X, not saved Analec annotations corpus name asterisco
Bug #1997: RCP: X.X, fix units list identifier field width
Bug #2005: RCP: X.X, Import XML-TEI Analec, default parameters
Bug #2006: RCP: X.X, default selected type unit
Bug #2010: RCP: X.X, MacOSX, Swing file dialog can't be opened
Bug #2011: RCP: X.X, enable Analec commands for subcorpus as well
Bug #2012: RCP: X.X, broken save Analec annotations command on Mac OS X 10.12 (disposed widget error when ending annotation)
Feature #2021: RCP: X.X, update start annotation enable state when annotation structure is updated
Bug #2022: RCP: X.X, manage word selection overlapping with HTML elements
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