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Feature #1894: RCP: X.X, mouse click bevahior on stacking annotations
Task #1934: RCP: X.X, Analec exploitation macros
Feature #1936: RCP: X.X, Analec annotations creation macros using CQL patterns
Bug #1938: RCP: X.X, Validate Analec integration and scalability tests
Feature #2041: RCP: X.X, import multiple glozz corpus as one TXM corpus
Bug #1981: RCP: X.X, Use Eclipse editor dirty mechanism to prompt for annotation save
Feature #1985: RCP: X.X, add units navigation buttons in the Unit view, similar to edition pages navigation buttons
Feature #2007: RCP: X.X, move Analec import menu entries to File > Import menu
Feature #2014: RCP: X.X, optimize units highlight scheme
Bug #2017: RCP: X.X, word selection fails in IE8 (& IE10 ?)
Bug #2018: RCP: X.X, Save corpus before exporting corpus
Feature #2023: RCP: X.X, Analec corpus annotations reset macro
Bug #2029: RCP: X.X, create unit overlapping 2 pages
Bug #2040: RCP: 0.7.8, create button activation failed with "i" word
Feature #2047: RCP: X,x, add more analec commands access
Feature #2048: RCP: X.X, show overlapping Analec annotations in Edition
Bug #2065: RCP: 0.7.8, Unit properties view not refreshed after update by macros
Bug #2073: RCP: X.X, Unite order not refreshed when a unite limits are updated
Feature #2076: RCP: X.X, schema properties edition UI
Feature #2077: RCP: X.X, schema edition toolbar: display, navigation, delete
Feature #2078: RCP: X.X, add edition mode in annotation toolbar (Unit / Schema)
Feature #2079: RCP: X.X, assist Unit properties correction by search form
Feature #2080: RCP: X.X, annotation structure check and prune macro
Bug #2082: RCP X.X: enhance unit word span limits update scenario
Task #2087: Analec unit fields view v3
Feature #2088: RCP: X.X, add units navigation buttons in the Unit view, similar to edition pages navigation buttons V2
Feature #2094: RCP: X.X, new Fropos2Categorie macro to populate ANALEC annotations from CQP pos informations
Task #2165: RCP: X.X, translate messages
Feature #2166: RCP: X.X, unit highlight color preferences
Bug #2172: RCP: X.X, unit toolbar, default unit type selection
Bug #2173: RCP: X.X, purge unsaved annotations on closing edition if the user chooses not to save them
Bug #2175: RCP: 0.7.8, Analec anntotation of the first word on page is not displayed properly
Feature #2259: RCP: X.X, add Analec annotations export commands
Feature #2260: URS, Search view to concordance link
Feature #2261: RCP: X.X, Homogenize Analec annotation navigation buttons
Feature #2262: RCP: X.X, Various analec UI enhencement
Feature #2263: RCP: X.X, Delete annotation if user chooses to not saved them when an Edition editor is close
Feature #2264: RCP: X.X, Infixe vs prefix Analec annotation auto-completion
Bug #2265: RCP: X.X, Analec Structure dialog bugs
Bug #2266: RCP: X.X, selection of the N+2 word of a unit
Task #2267: RCP: X.X, add missing Analec v3.0 documentation
Bug #2268: RCP: X.X, Mac OS X users can't use Analec key shortcuts
Bug #2272: RCP: X.X, Analec main menu not displayed
Feature #2285: RCP: X.X, URS exploitation macros
Feature #2286: RCP: X.X, Analec environment enhancements
Feature #2291: RCP: X.X, implement mesures v2 macros
Bug #2293: RCP: X.X, fix CQL size limit of Search view to concordance link
Bug #2294: RCP: X.X, show partition sizes in console
Feature #2382: EXT: Analec, simplify access to annotation tools
Bug #2590: RCP: 0.8.0, URS annotation import annotate only the first words
Bug #2591: RCP: 0.8.0, URS Search view, number of match display error
Bug #2592: RCP: 0.8.0, URS unit delete does not refresh correctly the highlights
Bug #2593: RCP: 0.8.0, URS exploitation macro, maximum_schema_lenght is broken
Bug #2594: RCP: 0.8.0, Units inter distance macro, number of distances
Bug #2600: RCP: 0.8.0, Schemas Progression fail with duplicated names in Progression chart
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