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Feature #1916: RCP: X.X, add subcorpus intersection, union and subtraction commands
Feature #2628: RCP: X.X, BackTo layouts combined mode
Feature #2629: RCP: X.X, union, intersection, subtraction and complementary subcorpus operations
Feature #2648: RCP: X.X, BackToMedia authenticated remote access
Feature #2650: RCP: X.X, display Mediaplayer states in status bar
Feature #2707: RCP: X.X, BackToMedia from Edition v3
Task #2917: AFVOIXOFF, dash characters in words
Feature #3011: Import, XML-TRS, edition, regroup metadata in an expandable panel
Task #3055: AFNOTICE, back to media settings
Feature #3063: BackToMedia, media discovery, media name
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