From 08/24/2023 to 09/22/2023


01:54 pm Task #3440 (New): add Apache PDFBox library to TXM
Latest (~10 Mo)
Serge Heiden
10:05 am Feature #3439 (New): Edition, navigation toolbar
The contextual menu of an edition contains some navigation commands. To fulfill the GUI rule of multimodal access to ... Matthieu Decorde
09:59 am Bug #3438 (New): XTZ, pager, better interword spaces management
We need to better manage the spaces between words to handle the following XML code:... Matthieu Decorde
09:53 am Bug #3437 (New): Import, XTZ, remove the _blank target in created links
Removing the "_blank" target fixes the Ubuntu open bug.
We should also allow the user to choose to open the link i...
Matthieu Decorde


05:07 pm Task #2595: DOC, StringArray, StringArrayMultiple macro parameters
only StringArray is documented Matthieu Decorde


11:42 am Bug #3436 (New): Debian bookworm installation
Make TXM compatible with the last version of Debian : bookworm
h3. Solution
- change dependency libtiff5 to lib...
Matthieu Decorde


02:28 pm Bug #3435 (New): GWT, 0.6.3, the number of text field in subcorpus properties command result is a...
The Properties command result is partially broken: the number of text is always "0" when computed on a subcorpus.
Matthieu Decorde


02:47 pm Bug #3434 (New): GWT, 0.6.3, PartitionIndex&Index&Lexicon, error after browsing and recomputing
To reproduce :
# compute an Index
# go to last page
# change the property to frlemma
# recompute -> an error is r...
Matthieu Decorde
02:35 pm Bug #3433 (New): GWT, 0.6.3, PartitionIndex&Index&Lexicon, column label update on properties change
The PartitionIndex&Index&Lexicon first column label is not updated when the properties selection changed Matthieu Decorde
02:29 pm Task #3432 (New): GWT, 0.6.3, Lexicon, Vmax parameter not working
The Vmax parameter has no effect on the result lines Matthieu Decorde
02:23 pm Bug #3431 (New): GWT, 0.6.3, rename specificities result columns
Rename columns with the same names as TXM desktop :
* Fréquence -> F
* Cofréquence -> f
Matthieu Decorde


03:00 pm Task #3430 (New): GWT, 0.8.3, fix Specificities "frequence" and "score" buttons
The "frequence" and "score" buttons don't work and should hide/show the frequence and score columns Matthieu Decorde


04:47 pm Task #3429 (New): Update default Help page
Missing content or content to update:
- pointers to old documentation
Matthieu Decorde
04:45 pm Bug #3428 (New): R, Windows, shutdown error
Error message :... Matthieu Decorde
04:17 pm Bug #3427 (New): GWT 0.6.3: Lexicon, Index and Partition Index, column sorting doesn't work
Lexicon, Index and Partition Index: column sorting doesn't work in the new version (from... Sebastien Jacquot
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