From 04/23/2022 to 05/22/2022


05:30 pm Feature #3255 (New): Import, clipboard, select lang dialog
* Ask the lang before starting the clipboard import
* add a preference to deactivate the dialog
Matthieu Decorde
04:33 pm Task #3254 (New): URS annotation toolbars, refresh on annotation structure edition
Refresh the available URS element types when the annotation structure is edited Matthieu Decorde


04:08 pm Bug #3253 (New): MediaPlayer, HTML player, not fit to window
the HTML player is not fit to the window and one must scroll down to see the controls buttons (play, volumn, etc.) Matthieu Decorde


04:18 pm Task #3252 (New): Edition, pager, re-open tags with attributes
Currently only the tag names are used Matthieu Decorde
04:16 pm Feature #3251 (New): Startup, crash detection and report
When TXM is not closed correctly, the "txm_was_not_closed_correctly.lock" is not deleted.
At start-up, if the "txm...
Matthieu Decorde
01:24 pm Feature #3250 (New): URS: upgrade TEI encoding of URS annotations export
Use the new "TEI 4.0.0": "<standOff>": Serge Heiden


11:55 am Task #3249 (New): Alert user when closing TXM with manually modified result
Show an alert dialog when the user is closing TXM and some results have been manually modified (that will be lost) Matthieu Decorde


10:30 am Bug #3248 (New): Import, don't remove a corpus if the re-import fails
Currently, when an existing corpus is re-imported (or updated) if the import fails, the corpus is lost.
h3. Soluti...
Matthieu Decorde


09:19 am Task #3247 (New): Progression, focus when linking from the Navigator result
The Progression should focus on the point match corresponding to origin line match (of the Navigator) Matthieu Decorde
09:19 am Task #3246 (New): Concordance, focus when linking from the Navigator result
The concordance should focus on the line match corresponding to origin line match (of the Navigator) Matthieu Decorde
08:55 am Task #3245 (New): Navigator, compute messages while browsing
The compute messages are shown when browsing the result : "Updating the browser of AF-NOTICES-V4-2022-04-27", "Termin... Matthieu Decorde


08:58 am Feature #3244 (New): Import, Metadata, quartile
Add a section "metadata" and a new import parameter "quartiles columns" (lsit of column names) to compute quartiles o... Matthieu Decorde
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