From 05/26/2021 to 06/24/2021


05:48 pm Feature #3109 (New): Import, default references pattern interface
In the "commands > concordance" section, add the default reference pattern widgets :
* SWT Label: "Default reference...
Matthieu Decorde


02:42 pm Feature #3108 (New): Enable internal links in edition pages at TXM portals
Internal links ... Alexey Lavrentev
11:52 am Bug #3107 (New): Import, XTZ Pager, broken editions if words have no id
If words have no id, the word indexes of the edition pages is empty: ... Matthieu Decorde
11:48 am Task #3106 (New): Import, report missing word ids
At the end of the importer step, all words should have an 'id' attribute.
During the XML-TXM, XML and Transcriber ...
Matthieu Decorde
11:47 am Feature #3105 (New): Import, manage foreign word ids V1
Manage sources with no word ids or avoid propagation errors of source ids into TXM words.
h3. Solution 1
Matthieu Decorde
11:40 am Feature #3104 (New): URS, Unit, concordance annotation toolbar V1
Add a URS Unit annotation toolbar to annotate multiple words.
The process replicates what have been done with the ...
Matthieu Decorde


05:46 pm Bug #3103 (New): Specificities, shrinked display when too many parts
When the number of parts is too high, the GWT Stack widgets width is shrinked
h3. Solution
* set parent panel o...
Matthieu Decorde
04:44 pm Bug #2905: Diagnose all statistical commands (Specificities, CA, Cooccurrences)
see the tickets about the export feature added to the concerned commands Matthieu Decorde
04:27 pm Feature #3102 (New): Cooccurrences, Export
Add the export feature to the Cooccurrences command : Matthieu Decorde
04:26 pm Feature #3101 (New): AFC, Export
Add the export feature to the AFC command : Matthieu Decorde
04:19 pm Feature #3100 (New): Specificities, Export
Add the export feature to the specificities command : Matthieu Decorde
03:56 pm Feature #3099 (New): Edition, search in view, simple mode
Add full text search (CQP) feature to the Edition editor.
Matthieu Decorde


04:03 pm Bug #3098 (New): Concordance, query update resets contexts sizes to default sizes
When the size of the contexts are changed from the contextual menu, an update of the query rebuilts the contexts with... Serge Heiden
02:57 pm Bug #2626: RCP: 0.8.0, subcorpus specificities broken when intermediate lexical table is displayed
#2976 resolution may fix this bug Matthieu Decorde
12:28 pm Task #3097 (New): File explorer, new icons and actions
New actions:
* double click on .txm files : ask user to load the corpus
* media files : opens the media player (if ...
Matthieu Decorde


05:00 pm Task #3096 (New): Macro, rename ExecXSL to ApplyXSL
rename ExecXSL to ApplyXSL Matthieu Decorde
04:57 pm Task #3095 (New): XSL, show the whole content of saxon execution messages
FR - SLH 2021-06-16
Quand on ne sait pas ce qui ne fonctionne pas dans une transformation XSL, une technique class...
Matthieu Decorde
01:53 pm Bug #173: RCP: 0.7.2, Lexical table export, wrong header
F column is still missing and the unit column has no name Matthieu Decorde
09:13 am Bug #3094 (New): Glozz import, the possibleValues XML element is not managed
The Glozz 'possibleValues' element is not managed by the Analec import tool:
Matthieu Decorde


05:34 pm Feature #2810: Macro main menu V1
problem with the "TS > Tools" (and maybe URS > Tools) menu -> not filtering the utilities to the "tiger" (and "urs"?)... Matthieu Decorde
04:54 pm Revision 3169: update about message
Matthieu Decorde
04:52 pm Revision 3168: fix web browser opening code
Matthieu Decorde


05:20 pm Revision 3167: fix NPE
Matthieu Decorde
05:17 pm Revision 3166: add setup discovery mechanism
Matthieu Decorde
05:15 pm Revision 3165: fixing nsis file for nsis 3.0
fixing mac launcher Matthieu Decorde
05:14 pm Revision 3164: format
Matthieu Decorde
05:13 pm Revision 3163: format
Matthieu Decorde
05:09 pm Revision 3162: fix query length exception&crash
Matthieu Decorde
05:08 pm Revision 3161: save temp work
Matthieu Decorde
05:08 pm Revision 3160: fix interface lock error
Matthieu Decorde
05:07 pm Revision 3159: fix DisposedException
Matthieu Decorde
05:06 pm Revision 3158: fix packages declaration
Matthieu Decorde


01:13 pm Bug #3093 (New): Windows, home directory installer-option and updates
If the user home directory default path has been changed in TXM installer options, updates will not be able to be ins... Matthieu Decorde
10:27 am Bug #3092 (New): Avoid CQP crash when the CQL length limit is reached
Since TXM 0.8.0, the CQL string length limit has been set to 16000 to limit CQP (and TXM) crash on long CQL strings.
Matthieu Decorde


04:47 pm Revision 3157
Matthieu Decorde
04:47 pm Revision 3156: Share project "org.txm.whatsnew.rcp" into ""
Matthieu Decorde
04:45 pm Revision 3155: update mac os x javafx libraries
Matthieu Decorde
04:40 pm Revision 3154: update win32 javafx libraries
Matthieu Decorde
09:54 am Bug #2879: The restarting engines command breaks the annotations saving operation
Solution 1 is implemented Matthieu Decorde


03:55 pm Feature #3091 (New): New setup version(s) discovery system V1
Check at startup if a new TXM setup is available.
If so, open an editor with the news content (HTML)
The editors...
Matthieu Decorde
03:38 pm Bug #2353 (Rejected): DOC: X.X, Windows words not highlighted in editions
too old, not enough info Matthieu Decorde
10:49 am Bug #2373: RCP: 0.7.9, XTZ + CSV import module: error in page indexing if source file name contai...
fixed with the new TXMResult objects (CorpusBuild, Text, Edition) Matthieu Decorde
10:24 am Task #2977: R packages check, upgrade test procedure
the "test" step is no done Matthieu Decorde
08:50 am Revision 3153: less stacktraces when updates fail
Matthieu Decorde
08:47 am Bug #3090 (New): RCP: 0.7.8, missing TreeTagger french tokenisation rules V2 : -t- euphoniques
BP 2019-04-08 - Contribution to diagnostic
The processing for French "t euphonique" is not clear. Here are example...
Matthieu Decorde
08:34 am Revision 3152: fix info line
Matthieu Decorde


03:03 pm Task #3089 (New): UI Autodoc, editors&view toolbar buttons tooltips must be the name of the command
Currently the main toolbar buttons tooltips have heterogeneous types of contents:
* various glosses (eg. "Lire les t...
Matthieu Decorde
11:24 am Revision 3151: normalize tooltips
Matthieu Decorde


05:50 pm Revision 3150
Matthieu Decorde
05:50 pm Revision 3149
Matthieu Decorde
05:50 pm Revision 3148: Utilities main menu refs #2810
Matthieu Decorde
05:47 pm Revision 3147: refs #3039
set default page word size to 1000
fix ConsoleProgressBar format
Matthieu Decorde
11:44 am Bug #3039: Import, XTZ, a new div added at each page of the default edition
oops Matthieu Decorde
10:51 am Task #3088 (New): UI Autodoc, toolbar buttons tooltips must be the name of the command
Currently the main toolbar buttons tooltips have heterogeneous types of contents:
* various glosses (eg. "Lire les t...
Serge Heiden
09:33 am Bug #2517: RCP: 0.7.9, give useful information in the console when "disk full" error occurs duri...
The stacktrace is only shown when the user activate stacktraces in preferences. Matthieu Decorde


04:46 pm Task #3071: Corpus Load, remove stacktrace if broken ZIP file
"Log.printStackTrace(e);" is already used Matthieu Decorde
04:44 pm Bug #3039: Import, XTZ, a new div added at each page of the default edition
seems fixed with Matthieu Decorde
04:31 pm Bug #2626: RCP: 0.8.0, subcorpus specificities broken when intermediate lexical table is displayed
seems ok now, maybe linked to #3029 ? Matthieu Decorde
02:44 pm Bug #2724: Updates may fail on some Windows versions due to user file permissions
fixed by #2766 Matthieu Decorde
02:27 pm Revision 3146: editor was showing the property parameter refs #2909
Matthieu Decorde
12:04 pm Bug #2553: RCP: 0.8.0, homogenize localized UI strings management (ru)
see #3087 for console messages Matthieu Decorde
12:03 pm Bug #3087 (New): RCP: 0.8.0, homogenize localized console strings management (ru)
Le russe est disparu du menu de sélection de langue, mais l'interface reste en cyrillique cassé après installa...
Matthieu Decorde
11:57 am Task #2955: Prepare R and libraries for Ubuntu 20.04
Ubuntu 16.04 support stopped stopped Matthieu Decorde
11:56 am Task #3086 (New): R, update to last stable version
Upgrade R and libraries (FactoMineR, wordcloud, Rserve, textometry) to the commons stable version for:
* the curren...
Matthieu Decorde
11:44 am Task #2931: update nsis to the 3.0 version
done with r2956 Matthieu Decorde
10:35 am Revision 3145
Matthieu Decorde
10:32 am Revision 3144: fix mergeCols line cleaning
Matthieu Decorde
10:31 am Revision 3143: refs #3084
Matthieu Decorde
10:30 am Revision 3142: format
Matthieu Decorde
10:30 am Revision 3141: catch exception
Matthieu Decorde
10:04 am Bug #3085 (New): UI Feedback, provide command progression feedback
All commands for which the result is susceptible to be waited for some time, must provide a work progression feedback... Matthieu Decorde


05:42 pm Revision 3140: clean debug message
Matthieu Decorde
05:42 pm Revision 3139: fix save command
Matthieu Decorde
05:34 pm Bug #2852 (Rejected): TreeTagger, restore default or previous path when uninstalling the extension
duplicate of #3043 Matthieu Decorde
05:25 pm Bug #2429 (Closed): Move the load of the sample corporas to the Modal Dialog job thread
fixed by #3057 Matthieu Decorde
04:44 pm Revision 3138: refs #2901
Matthieu Decorde
04:40 pm Revision 3137: fix title
Matthieu Decorde
04:39 pm Bug #2496: There is no alert popup when importing a corpus with same name as an existing one anymore
see r3136 Matthieu Decorde
04:38 pm Revision 3136: add warning dialog if a corpus is being updated
Matthieu Decorde
04:13 pm Bug #2580: RCP: 0.8.0, XSLX metadata file and numeric values
fixed in r3129 Matthieu Decorde
03:42 pm Revision 3135: refs #3076
Matthieu Decorde
03:04 pm Revision 3134: update usage tooltip
Matthieu Decorde
02:51 pm Bug #3084 (New): Export, corpus, export only persisted results
The non-persisted results are exported along the persisted results.
h3. Solution
Use the same system as the opt...
Matthieu Decorde
12:04 pm Bug #2986: Wrap all TXM jobs with a progress dialog
I've finally managed to force the Eclipse RCP "run in background" option to false -> all dialogs will now be shown (e... Matthieu Decorde
11:50 am Feature #2645: RCP: X.X, TXMResult description parameter
currently used to save the corpus description given in the import parameters Matthieu Decorde
10:37 am Task #3083 (New): Eclipse RCP 2018-09
Update Eclipse environment to 2018-09 (4.9)
This will fix the certificate issue of the webkit browser
Matthieu Decorde


05:34 pm Revision 3133: refs #3013
Matthieu Decorde
05:34 pm Task #3013: Import, paginate edition import parameter
fixed in r3133 Matthieu Decorde
05:32 pm Bug #2545 (Rejected): Lexical Table user edition is not persisted
Matthieu Decorde
05:31 pm Feature #2450: Persist the user modifications done on a lexical table
Content of #2545 closed (duplicated) :
Lexical Table user edition is not persisted between sessions and no message...
Matthieu Decorde
05:17 pm Task #2766: Improves the way the JRE is embedded
Solution 0 is done, see #2725 for the solution 1 Matthieu Decorde
05:11 pm Bug #2961: Concordance, Navigation widget, search field width
MD: is it really about the concordance editor ? or the edition editor Matthieu Decorde
05:05 pm Revision 3132: fix XML metadata erasure refs #3081
Matthieu Decorde
04:57 pm Revision 3131: fix the "noname" empty metadata values refs #2892
Matthieu Decorde
04:33 pm Bug #3009: Import, import.xml parameters recovery
seems fixed, I did not find any code that reset the corpus ID Matthieu Decorde
03:41 pm Revision 3130: refs #2280
Matthieu Decorde
02:54 pm Revision 3129: fix ReadExcel numeric format value
Matthieu Decorde
09:34 am Bug #3082 (New): GTK, blinking interfaces
Some manipulations makes TXM interfaces blink. The bugs only happens to GTK3 and Ubuntu 20.04+
h3. To reproduce 1
Matthieu Decorde
09:14 am Revision 3128
Matthieu Decorde
09:13 am Revision 3127: retrieve CQP error message if any
Matthieu Decorde
09:12 am Revision 3126: fix cancel
Matthieu Decorde
09:08 am Revision 3125: fix log
Matthieu Decorde
09:08 am Revision 3124: fix concordance complex sorter layout
fix annotation toolbar layout Matthieu Decorde


04:38 pm Bug #3081 (New): Import, metadata, clean the metadata files of the binary corpus directory
If the user changes the metadata file format of the src directory, the metadata files of the binary corpus directory ... Matthieu Decorde
04:19 pm Feature #2659: RCP: X.X, normalize and update cqp properties name formatting
check TRS compiler step Matthieu Decorde
11:59 am Bug #2793: XTZ, XML/w and Transcriber Import, XLSX and ODS metadata files not supported when XSL ...
update attached test directory Matthieu Decorde
11:50 am Revision 3123: fix xlsx extension filtering refs #2793
Matthieu Decorde
11:11 am Bug #2793: XTZ, XML/w and Transcriber Import, XLSX and ODS metadata files not supported when XSL ...
Bug still present in Transcriber import module.
Serge Heiden
10:44 am Revision 3122: abstract searchengine RCP plugin
Matthieu Decorde
10:44 am Revision 3121
Matthieu Decorde
10:42 am Revision 3120: add udpipe plugins
Matthieu Decorde
10:42 am Revision 3119: Share project "org.txm.libs.udpipe" into ""
Share project "org.txm.udpipe.feature" into ""
Share project "org.txm.udpipe...
Matthieu Decorde
10:22 am Revision 3118
Matthieu Decorde
10:21 am Revision 3117
Matthieu Decorde
10:20 am Revision 3116: update Doc tab icons
Matthieu Decorde


05:40 pm Revision 3115
Matthieu Decorde
05:40 pm Revision 3114: update TXM version
Matthieu Decorde
05:39 pm Revision 3113
Matthieu Decorde
05:37 pm Revision 3112: fix JS selection code
Matthieu Decorde
05:37 pm Revision 3111: fix some string constants
Matthieu Decorde
05:36 pm Revision 3110: fix editor id
Matthieu Decorde
03:47 pm Bug #3080 (New): very long Groovy compilation time when launching import modules for the first ti...
Currently there is a long compilation time before running any Groovy script (at first run or after editing a script).... Matthieu Decorde
03:41 pm Bug #2947: 0.8.1, MediaPlayer, Ubuntu, TXM crash/freeze on opening
the update fixed the crash but there are still some issues when reading a video : the video is frozen (not the sound) Matthieu Decorde
02:27 pm Bug #2086: RCP: X.X, manage BOM
reducing priority: no complains since 2017 Matthieu Decorde
02:24 pm Bug #1099: RCP: 0.7.6, Specificities crashes RServe on some subcorpus
We need a corpus attached to reproduce the bug Matthieu Decorde
12:01 pm Task #3079 (New): WordCloud, tune Word Cloud command workflow and logs
Currently, the logs of the Word Cloud command are as follows:... Serge Heiden
11:35 am Bug #3078 (New): WordCloud, Word Cloud command broken
Since TXM 0.8.1, the default behaviour of the Word Cloud command is broken.
h3. Hypothesis
The default behaviou...
Serge Heiden
11:21 am Bug #1798: TBX: 0.7.8, XTZ word properties update
seems fixed in last build Matthieu Decorde
10:25 am Task #3056: R, install.package default repository
fixed in r3061 Matthieu Decorde
09:52 am Revision 3109: fix severe message
disable JFC creator Matthieu Decorde
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