From 09/14/2020 to 10/13/2020


05:35 pm Feature #2923 (New): Concordance, properties and sprintf pattern to build reference column, as a ...
Currently, the w@ref property values are used to build the concordance reference column content by default.
This l...
Matthieu Decorde
05:32 pm Task #2922 (New): Concordance editor, enhence reference column width
The width is currently computed using a constant character size.
Better step would be to use the actual font width...
Matthieu Decorde
05:24 pm Task #2919: Explicit concordance corpus order sort parameter
renaming "None" sort key, done. Matthieu Decorde
04:36 pm Task #2921 (New): AFVOIXOFF, normalize metadata values
normalize values "DET: politique intérieure ; DET: gouvernement provisoire (De Gaulle) ; DET: aménagement du ... Matthieu Decorde
01:39 pm Task #2912: AFVOIXOFF, fix the emissions table "textorder" column format
MD: I don't have the problem using the current workflow (PrepareAFVOIXOFF macro). It must have been the result of man... Matthieu Decorde
11:39 am Task #2920 (New): Concordance, complex sort widget, sort direction, property selection
Limit A:
The current concordance sort parameters does not allow to select the sort direction (except when re-clicki...
Matthieu Decorde
11:31 am Task #2919 (New): Explicit concordance corpus order sort parameter
The current corpus order is implicit, making in explicit is better when using complex sort configurations.
h3. Sol...
Matthieu Decorde
10:32 am Bug #2914: concordance, sorting breaks the column widths set by the user
The concordance editor was forcing columns resizing when sorting Matthieu Decorde
10:30 am Revision 2945: disable column resizing when sorting concordance #2914
Matthieu Decorde
08:29 am Task #2918 (New): CoNLLu export fixes
... Matthieu Decorde


04:48 pm Task #2917 (New): AFVOIXOFF, dash characters in words
remove the "-" at the end of words.
Index of ".+-" [] gives :...
Matthieu Decorde
04:47 pm Task #2916 (New): Double space in CQP word and structural units properties
(old: some non visible characters are transferred in the CQP structural unit properties values from the table cells)
Matthieu Decorde
04:46 pm Task #2915 (New): Properties and structures combo list order
* the "word" property should always be the first word property
* other values are alphabetically sorted (word proper...
Matthieu Decorde
04:45 pm Revision 2944: fix copy columns
Matthieu Decorde
04:45 pm Bug #2914 (New): concordance, sorting breaks the column widths set by the user
Reproduce :
* build a concordance
* change the ref column size
* change sort
-> the ref column size is reset
Matthieu Decorde
04:44 pm Feature #2913 (New): Advance tooltips: text selection
Be able to select the text of TXM tooltips
Matthieu Decorde
04:43 pm Task #2912 (New): AFVOIXOFF, fix the emissions table "textorder" column format
The textorder values are parsed as float in the AFVOIXOFFv02 editions.
h3. Solution
Fix the cells format in th...
Matthieu Decorde
04:42 pm Task #2911 (New): Check if the concordance last sort key is always the corpus order
The last implicit sort key should be the corpus order (using the keyword positions)
h3. Solution
* check if the...
Matthieu Decorde
08:17 am Feature #1907: GWT: X.X., Add more details to Dimensions command result on corpus/subcorpus and r...
to implement: read the property HTML result file Matthieu Decorde


02:55 pm Bug #2910 (New): "Update logs" command not working in TXM portal admin interface
If you click on the "Update logs" button in the "Tableau de bord" interface, a turning wheel is displayed for a momen... Alexey Lavrentev
02:54 pm Task #2886: Edition, default editions
verified and tested Matthieu Decorde
02:27 pm Task #2896: GWT: x.x., Display corpus path before corpus name in the Corpus panel of the portal a...
duplicate of #2897 Matthieu Decorde


03:11 pm Bug #2909 (New): TXM 0.8.1, The AHC first compute erases manual modifications of the LexicalTable
To reproduce:
* select VOEUX
* create the locs partition
* create a LT
* delete the first column
* create an AHC...
Matthieu Decorde
02:45 pm Bug #2908 (New): LexicalTable export with the double-quote character
The double-quote character is exported with the "\" escape character.
* calc and excel fail to escape t...
Matthieu Decorde
11:10 am Task #2907: Command parameters check step
ALL and Edition tests implemented Matthieu Decorde
10:37 am Task #2907 (New): Command parameters check step
Add tests to ensure the mandatory parameters are set
E.g : ...
Matthieu Decorde


05:19 pm Feature #2906 (New): Add text size
* general text size option
* UI: Modify text size buttons [+] et [-]
h3. Solution 1
* patch text size globally...
Serge Heiden
05:11 pm Bug #2905 (New): Diagnose all statistical commands (Specificities, CA, Cooccurrences)
Setup a diagnostic procedure by comparing the TXM portal commands results and the TXM RCP 0.8.1 commands results.
Serge Heiden
04:35 pm Task #2904 (New): Concordances pivot column justification
Currently the concordances pivot column is isolated from the left and rigth contexts columns.
The pivot column mus...
Serge Heiden
11:27 am Revision 2943: ReadExcel: fix column multiple copy
Matthieu Decorde
10:27 am Bug #2903 (New): Wrong corpus access error message when opening a command
The current '500 error' message is not informative.
Commands using a CQL query as an argument, produce a message "...
Matthieu Decorde


04:32 pm Revision 2942: move antract macros
Matthieu Decorde
02:45 pm Revision 2941
Matthieu Decorde


06:52 pm Revision 2940: add milestone parameter
Matthieu Decorde
05:07 pm Bug #2902 (New): StaxIdentity and XmlProcessor event precedding first element
the StaxIdentity and XmlProcessor classes don't process event before the first element -> the XML declaration and pro... Matthieu Decorde
05:03 pm Revision 2939: fix the StaxIdentityParser (deprecated) and XMlProcessor classes to process pre-fi...
Matthieu Decorde
02:51 pm Task #2901 (New): Debian control file, website link
The TXM 0.8.1 control file is wrong and point to the old textometrie website
h3. Solution
update the control fi...
Matthieu Decorde
02:31 pm Revision 2938: add export&import conllu tools V1
Matthieu Decorde
10:08 am Revision 2937
Matthieu Decorde


10:33 am Task #2900 (New): Export corpus as CoNLLU corpus command
* https...
Matthieu Decorde
10:32 am Feature #2899 (New): Import CoNLL-U annotations command
see :
* https://gr...
Matthieu Decorde


10:10 am Revision 2936: add import&export conllu commands, first draft
Matthieu Decorde


04:09 pm Revision 2935: add generic tool to inject word properties in XML-TXM files
add conllu annotations import command Matthieu Decorde
10:57 am Task #2898 (New): Translate URS Annotation feature informations in English
* translate the "Annotation URS (Unité-Relation-Schéma)" name to "URS Annotation (Unit-Relation-Schema)"
* check the...
Matthieu Decorde
08:37 am Bug #2897 (New): fix corpora list command columns
... Matthieu Decorde


06:11 pm Task #2896 (New): GWT: x.x., Display corpus path before corpus name in the Corpus panel of the po...
The current display (as of TXM Portal 0.6.3) is :... Alexey Lavrentev


10:22 am Task #2895 (New): JSP default encoding
if not specified the portail JSP default encoding is not UTF-8 and one must add the following directive at line 0:
Matthieu Decorde


03:39 pm Bug #2894 (New): GWT, consolidate the upload command
The admin upload corpus command is broken.
User error message:...
Matthieu Decorde


07:09 pm Task #2893 (New): Portal messages customisation
Enhance the portal messages customization options in mails, pages, corpora, etc.
h3. Solution
* Remove all BFM...
Matthieu Decorde
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