From 08/27/2020 to 09/25/2020


10:10 am Revision 2936: add import&export conllu commands, first draft
Matthieu Decorde


04:09 pm Revision 2935: add generic tool to inject word properties in XML-TXM files
add conllu annotations import command Matthieu Decorde
10:57 am Task #2898 (New): Translate URS Annotation feature informations in English
* translate the "Annotation URS (Unité-Relation-Schéma)" name to "URS Annotation (Unit-Relation-Schema)"
* check the...
Matthieu Decorde
08:37 am Bug #2897 (New): fix corpora list command columns
... Matthieu Decorde


06:11 pm Task #2896 (New): GWT: x.x., Display corpus path before corpus name in the Corpus panel of the po...
The current display (as of TXM Portal 0.6.3) is :... Alexey Lavrentev


10:22 am Task #2895 (New): JSP default encoding
if not specified the portail JSP default encoding is not UTF-8 and one must add the following directive at line 0:
Matthieu Decorde


03:39 pm Bug #2894 (New): GWT, consolidate the upload command
The admin upload corpus command is broken.
User error message:...
Matthieu Decorde


07:09 pm Task #2893 (New): Portal messages customisation
Enhance the portal messages customization options in mails, pages, corpora, etc.
h3. Solution
* Remove all BFM...
Matthieu Decorde


03:25 pm Bug #2892 (New): Import wrong 'noname' empty columns in metadata.ods
Console output :... Serge Heiden


03:40 pm Task #2891 (New): Improve the corpus load command error management
The portal corpus load command only reports success or failure and does not display the error causes.
Matthieu Decorde
03:35 pm Task #2890 (New): Binary corpus load, upgrade error detection
The binary corpus load process should first test:
# the corpus version
# the files structures
# the files format
Matthieu Decorde
02:59 pm Task #2889 (New): Managing TreeTagger error during import process
Par rapport au XML mal formé ou aux fichiers manquants, est-ce qu'on ne peut pas mieux gérer la suite du planta...
Matthieu Decorde
02:53 pm Task #2888 (New): Remove some stacktraces messages from logs
prévoir de supprimer to@utes les stacktraces (ne les afficher que dans un mode de journalisation supérieur) se ...
Matthieu Decorde


11:34 am Bug #2887 (New): Duplicated 'home' toolbar button
The 'home' toolbar button is duplicated
h3. Solution
check the TXMMenuBar UI initializer
--> calling button....
Matthieu Decorde


01:52 pm Task #2886 (New): Edition, default editions
ensure the multi default editions is working correctly in the import.xml files :... Matthieu Decorde
12:21 pm Task #2885 (New): Better portal title display
"Se connecter à IHRIM" -> "Connexion au portail TXM IHRIM"
h3. Solution...
Matthieu Decorde
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