From 12/15/2016 to 01/13/2017


04:58 pm Feature #1998 (New): TBX : X.X, XTZ import module, packaging CSS and XSLT stylesheet library
TXM should provide a library of stylesheets for use with XTZ+CSV module.
Theese stylesheets must be under version ...
Alexey Lavrentev


06:28 pm Bug #1997 (New): RCP: X.X, fix units list identifier field width
the units list identifier field must take the place its needs to fully display its content and its width has priority... Matthieu Decorde
06:22 pm Feature #1996 (New): RCP: X.X, not saved Analec annotations corpus name asterisco
add an asterisco suffix to the corpus name as long as the Analec annotations are not saved. Matthieu Decorde
06:14 pm Bug #1995 (New): RCP: X.X, "Selection is not structured : null" while opening Edition
# fermer TXM sans sauver les annotations
# ouvrir à nouveau TXM
# éditer le texte « UNEVIETXTBRUT »
# la conso...
Matthieu Decorde
06:01 pm Bug #1994 (New): RCP: X.X, units annotation toolbar list widget
problems :
* focus
* UP&DOWN keyboard arrows events: go to previous/next unit, cycle through units
* Page UP&DOWN...
Matthieu Decorde
05:47 pm Bug #1993 (New): RCP: X.X, unit annotation toolbar identifier display is broken
Unit identifier numbers are shifted by 1 Matthieu Decorde
05:31 pm Feature #1992 (New): RCP: X.X, new message scenario, modal alert dialog
Some error message are too important to be missed
h3. Solution
if the log message level is SEVERE display it ...
Matthieu Decorde
04:23 pm Feature #1991 (New): RCP: X.X, fix edition annotation mode button scenario
h3. availability
If a corpus has no annotation structure, the annotation mode button must be disabled (small bug i...
Matthieu Decorde
04:16 pm Feature #1990 (New): RCP: X.X, Contextualize Analec extension commands access
Analec Main Menu entries and Edition annotation access button must only be available when the current corpus has an a... Matthieu Decorde


09:38 am Feature #1988 (New): RCP: X.X, query assistant dialog, enhancements
In the current query assistant dialog words cannot be removed and user must close and reopen the dialog if he added t... Matthieu Decorde


01:58 pm Feature #1987 (New): Analec unit fields view v2
* save property values when:
** the view is closed
** the ENTER key is pressed
** a new unit is selected
** a val...
Matthieu Decorde


10:11 pm Feature #1985 (New): RCP: X.X, add units navigation buttons in the Unit view, similar to edition ...
The Unit view displays unit properties values. It is a contextual view of the (eg selected) current unit.
Serge Heiden
12:30 pm Task #1984 (New): RCP: X.X Replace the delete button icon with the eclipse delete button icon
Eclipse icon sticks better to TXM icons chart
Use the same delete icon everywhere.
Matthieu Decorde
11:46 am Feature #1983 (New): RCP: X.X, add PDF+CSV import module
Currently TXM doesn't provide any PDF format related import module for the reasons explained "here":https://groupes.r... Serge Heiden


04:51 pm Bug #1982 (New): RCP: 0.7.7, Import progression dialog content message
Dans la barre de titre j'ai : Exécution du script : /home/xyz.../xtzLoader...
Dans la boite j'ai : Exécution d...
Matthieu Decorde
10:56 am Bug #1981 (New): RCP: X.X, Use Eclipse editor dirty mechanism to prompt for annotation save
Currently the save annotation prompt dialog is called when the editor dispose event is raised. It works but we should... Matthieu Decorde


04:47 pm Feature #1980 (New): TBX: X.X, call startup.groovy when restarting engines
Currently starting up again (reset) statistical and search engines doesn't execute start.groovy script.
If startup...
Serge Heiden


04:11 pm Bug #1979 (New): RCP: X.X, parts order in partition
Currently :
* When built, TXM recover the property values from CQP -> alphabetic order
* RCP implements parts order...
Matthieu Decorde
04:09 pm Bug #1978 (New): RCP, 0.7.8, outside text to edit bug
... Matthieu Decorde


05:38 pm Feature #1977 (New): RCP: X.X, move word property selection from dialog box to result editor
Currently, when AFC, CAH and Specificity commands start from a partition a _dialog box_ pops up to ask for the *word ... Serge Heiden


03:40 pm Bug #1971 (New): RCP: 0.7.7 & 0.7.8, Mac OS X Sierra, density progression fail
h3. with TXM 0.7.7
The progression raises is error when density is activated....
Matthieu Decorde
03:26 pm Feature #1579: Portal 0.6.1: images of facs edition are not managed by the user account system
BuildFacsEditions.groovy could be easily modified by adding image reading and base 64 encoding here: ... Sebastien Jacquot
12:46 pm Feature #1579: Portal 0.6.1: images of facs edition are not managed by the user account system
See also:
* http://iipimage.sourceforge...
Sebastien Jacquot
10:10 am Feature #1970 (New): RCP: X.X, Windows Setup and OS architecture detection
The Windows setups should be able to detect if the OS is 32 bits or 64 bits and stop the installation if the architec... Matthieu Decorde


05:16 pm Feature #1969 (New): RCP: 0.7.8, update export preferences
Create 2 sections :
* data
* charts
In the data section:
encoding: UTF-8
file extension (text field): tsv
Matthieu Decorde
02:26 pm Support #1968 (New): CS: Alceste import error during tokenizer
Je vous contacte sur les conseils de Serge Heiden à propos d'un problème dans TXM d'un corpus (ensemble de résu...
Matthieu Decorde
12:14 pm Bug #1859: RCP: 0.7.8beta: edition contextual menu restore default commands (copy, reload...)
it was broken by the "Send to Concordance..." command Matthieu Decorde
09:57 am Bug #1967 (New): RCP: X.X, Remove specificities part focus parameter field from dialog
The field is misleading the user.
h3. Solution
Remove it until we find another way.
Matthieu Decorde
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