From 04/06/2016 to 05/05/2016


04:21 pm Feature #1790: RCP: 0.7.7, empty editor at startup
It may be linked with RCP preferences in Global\Editors. Sebastien Jacquot
03:45 pm Feature #1790 (New): RCP: 0.7.7, empty editor at startup
Sometimes (not identified right now) empty editors (org.Eclipse.ui.internal.emptyEditorTab) are open when TXM starts.... Matthieu Decorde
03:42 pm Bug #1789 (New): RCP: 0.7.7, Windows uninstall message
The window title is "Installation of TXM 0.7.7" and the content message does not say that the "previously" installed ... Matthieu Decorde


10:55 am Bug #1786 (New): RCP: X.X, Index Frequency column header
Currently, the Index Frequency column header is displayed as "Frequency T=12390".
The "T=12390" is not useful unle...
Serge Heiden
10:50 am Feature #1785 (New): RCP: X.X, XML-XTZ import, temporary directories cleanup
In the XTZ import parameters form:
* add a "Remove temporary directories" option
* with 'true' as default value
* ...
Serge Heiden
10:13 am Feature #1784 (New): RCP: X.X, corpus view order v1
Corpus view objects should be ordered to help their access.
h3. Solution 1
* Root corpora should be alphabetica...
Serge Heiden


10:28 am Bug #1783 (New): RCP: 0.7.8: XTZ import textual plans bug
the "hors texte a editer" is broken
h2 Validation test...
Matthieu Decorde


12:27 pm Task #1782 (New): RCP: X.X, remove XML/w import XML tag interpretations
The XML-XTZ import module is dedicated to implement all TEI semantics interpreted by TXM at import time.
TXM takes...
Matthieu Decorde
11:38 am Task #1781 (New): TBX: X.X, update CWB binaries
Build CWB binaries (libjni and tools) for all supported OS and architecture :
* Windows 32bit
* Windows 64bit
* Li...
Matthieu Decorde
11:36 am Task #1780 (New): TBX: 0.7.8, cwb-align segmentation fault error
The XML-TMX import failed to build the align indexes and no parallel query works.
h3. Solution 0
Find out the...
Matthieu Decorde


06:32 pm Feature #1779 (New): TBX: 0.7.7, tokenizer must handle common cases
Better tokenize common cases:
* numbers such as 2.3.3, 200 000, or 2,4
* "CDU/CSU-Koalition"
Serge Heiden


08:38 pm Bug #1778 (New): RCP: 0.7.7, under Windows 7 buggy corpora libcqp access with TXM home directory ...
Diagnostic based on TXM 0.7.7 installed on Windows 7 64-bit machines in ENS de Lyon F24 class room with Student roami... Serge Heiden
08:10 pm Bug #1777 (New): RCP: 0.7.7, file logging doesn't work on Mac OS X
TXM ne génére aucun fichier de log ni dans son répertoire de travail ni dans son répertoire d’install alors que ...
Serge Heiden
10:23 am Bug #1775 (New): Charts, tool tips are sometimes displayed at a wrong location
BP FR note:... Sebastien Jacquot


11:11 am Bug #1770: TXM 0.7.8 alpha: Windows, the update doesn't patch the TXM.bat to set the new path to ...
I can't reproduce this bug at this moment. Need to test again from a real 0.7.8 Win setup and also discuss about the ... Sebastien Jacquot


11:47 am Feature #1774 (New): RCP: X.X, XTZ compiler step error
The XTZ module compiler step fails with error : ... Matthieu Decorde
11:45 am Feature #1773 (New): RCP: X.X, Oriflamms extension
Convert all orfilamms macro into an extension Matthieu Decorde
11:41 am Feature #1772 (New): RCP: Dictionary extension, Import/Export command
Import a dictionary from a TSV file or an ...
Matthieu Decorde
11:40 am Feature #1771 (New): RCP: Dictionary extension, Recode command
recode a property using conversion rules
Matthieu Decorde


04:31 pm Bug #1770: TXM 0.7.8 alpha: Windows, the update doesn't patch the TXM.bat to set the new path to ...
If the launcher argument is removed the TXM.ini is searched by the launcher in the TXM.exe directory therefore this c... Sebastien Jacquot
03:08 pm Bug #1770 (New): TXM 0.7.8 alpha: Windows, the update doesn't patch the TXM.bat to set the new pa...
On Windows, the update doesn't patch the TXM.bat to set the new path to TXM.ini that is now <install dir>\TXM therefo... Sebastien Jacquot
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