From 12/10/2015 to 01/08/2016


02:10 pm Feature #1636 (New): RCP: X.X, word tag and skip tokenization import parameters
See specifications at
Add new i...
Matthieu Decorde


05:08 pm Feature #1635 (New): TBX: X.X Dictionary functionality
h1. Specification (spécifications)
h1. Funct...
Matthieu Decorde


10:00 am Bug #1634 (Rejected): RCP: 0.7.8 alpha, missing key bindings and toolbar buttons in the text editor
Éditeur de texte :
* les raccourcis clavier ne fonctionnent pas
* des commandes de la toolbar ne sont pas ac...
Matthieu Decorde


08:49 am Feature #1609: RCP: Macro TEI2Project
Il faut ajouter la copie des fichiers image (optionnelle) dans le projet oriflamms (voir la dernière version de Spec) Alexey Lavrentev
08:16 am Feature #1609 (Feedback): RCP: Macro TEI2Project
Alexey Lavrentev
08:16 am Feature #1609: RCP: Macro TEI2Project
Si le champ "fichier XSL" est vide, la macro doit fonctionner normalement (pour le moment elle plante).
Si le fichie...
Alexey Lavrentev
08:11 am Feature #1609: RCP: Macro TEI2Project
Le suffixe "-w" n'est toujours pas retiré des identifiants (mots, surfaces, pages, colonnes, etc.), contrairement à l... Alexey Lavrentev


07:45 pm Feature #1633 (New): TBX: 0.7.7, exclude ponctuation from Lexicon
Currently, a Lexicon is built with all corpus occurrences (aka tokens) surface forms, that is with the [] query proje... Serge Heiden


02:16 pm Feature #1632 (New): RCP: X.X, move TXM home directory
Currently, it is cumbersome to configure TXM home directory path to a different place as the one set at TXM installat... Serge Heiden


08:47 am Feature #1631 (New): RCP: helping to translate natural language query sequences into CQL
Upgrade the query assistant to enable the user to stay in his own language in the query field, hence wrapping one to ... Severine Gedzelman
08:37 am Feature #1601: RCP: X.X, create test suits for annotation managers
Unifiying the writing of these tests Severine Gedzelman


02:15 pm Task #1630: TBX: improve performances of import process
About the BufferedOutputStream usage tests, they should be done again on a machine without SSD hard disk (mine got one). Sebastien Jacquot


02:30 pm Task #1630: TBX: improve performances of import process
Here is the Groovy used for the test. Sebastien Jacquot
02:23 pm Task #1630: TBX: improve performances of import process
When monitoring the import process we can see that the cost of Groovy runtime reflection is significant. I guess that... Sebastien Jacquot
12:57 pm Task #1630: TBX: improve performances of import process
Some tests on the tokenization has been done with BufferedOutputStream and various buffer sizes but it doesn't seem t... Sebastien Jacquot
11:05 am Task #1630 (New): TBX: improve performances of import process
There may be some improvements to do in the Groovy code in some import sections.
Here is a list of proposals.
Sebastien Jacquot


01:22 pm Bug #1313: RCP: 0.7.7, Impossible to import a corpus with some Unicode characters
More informations:
- despite of my tests, the Xerces impl always writes the 2 values of the UTF-16 surrogates pair i...
Sebastien Jacquot
09:03 am Bug #1629 (New): RCP: 0.7.8, Temporary Annotations are not retained when closing session (Linux M...
see: Severine Gedzelman


06:10 pm Bug #1622: RCP: 0.7.8, Corpus re-load breaks corpus configuration
I also fiex a problem with XTZPager XSL editions Matthieu Decorde
06:01 pm Feature #1628 (Resolved): RCP: 0.7.8, Annotation overlap display in Concordance to be improved
Retour de Vincent, 15 décembre 2015
Une réflexion sur l'usage ou non d'un code et sous quelle forme, pour les cas ...
Severine Gedzelman
05:40 pm Bug #1627 (New): RCP: 0.7.8, KR log in window need to stay if failed
Retour de Vincent A., le 15 décembre 2015
La fenêtre de Log In au KR (Symogih) s'en va quand on valide après saisi...
Severine Gedzelman
05:04 pm Bug #1313: RCP: 0.7.7, Impossible to import a corpus with some Unicode characters
We also have problems with some corpora with emojis.
Not really sure about this but after some quick researches:
Sebastien Jacquot


05:29 pm Feature #1621: RCP: X.X, concordance annotation, overlap issue V2
Finalement la V1 ne procède pas au rabotage. Il faudrait le préciser, dire pourquoi si possible et éventuellement le ... Serge Heiden
04:30 pm Bug #1626 (New): RCP: 0.7.8, concordance column width is not well managed
voir la page de spécification de l'éditeur de concordance :
Severine Gedzelman
04:24 pm Bug #1625 (New): RCP: 0.7.8, sorting concordance columns launches error
Probablement un problème de colonne qui n'est pas la bonne (en effet la détection de celle-ci est à améliorer). JPA n... Severine Gedzelman
04:04 pm Task #1624 (Resolved): RCP: 0.7.8, Corpus load fail with Min/Maj corpus directory name
Corpus imported from previous TXM versions, are not reloaded after the installation of TXM 0.7.8 update.
see also:...
Matthieu Decorde
04:02 pm Bug #1623 (Resolved): RCP: 0.7.8, Milestones declared in CQP registry file
With Windows, CQI.AttributeSize() is broken when used with milestone structures.
CQI.AttributeSize is used to test...
Matthieu Decorde
04:00 pm Bug #1622 (Resolved): RCP: 0.7.8, Corpus re-load breaks corpus configuration
The "load corpus" command duplicates edition pages declarations in import.xml file.
Thus the 'facs' edition is lost
Matthieu Decorde
02:38 pm Feature #1621 (New): RCP: X.X, concordance annotation, overlap issue V2
Plusieurs solutions ont été évoquées, voir la "section suivante": Severine Gedzelman
02:33 pm Feature #1547: RCP: X.X, concordance annotation V1
L'enchâssement dans certaines conditions n'est pas rendu possible et une fenêtre d'information avertit l'utilisateur ... Severine Gedzelman
10:55 am Bug #1620 (Resolved): RCP: 0.7.8, Mac OS X 10.7+, no annotation toolbar displayed
Clicking on the "Démarrer l'annotation" button does not display the annotation toolbar.
MD: cannot be reproduce wi...
Matthieu Decorde
10:52 am Feature #1619 (Resolved): RCP: 0.7.8, Rephrasing UI labels & logs for annotation overlap cases
Mail de Serge, 5 décembre 2015
Plutôt que de donner uniquement les positions des pivots et des annotations en conf...
Severine Gedzelman
10:44 am Feature #1618 (New): RCP: X.X separate UI to display and select KR Types and Values (from Concord...
mail de Serge, 5 décembre 2015, voir aussi "la spec correspondante": Severine Gedzelman
10:17 am Task #1617 (Resolved): RCP: 0.7.8, Changing setting in BAIP import file for KR declaration
(mail Serge, 5 décembre 2015)
Pour le paramétrage des types Symogih, je propose de scénariser de la façon la plus ...
Severine Gedzelman
10:15 am Feature #1616 (Resolved): RCP: 0.7.8, Rephrasing some logs and UI labels about KR
Ci-dessous qlqs propositions concernant la formulation de vos messages de logs et import.xml (Serge, 5 décembre 2015)... Severine Gedzelman
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