From 06/11/2015 to 07/10/2015


03:46 pm Task #1424 (New): DOC: update "11.7 Cooccurrences" section
The description talks about a popup form that no more exists. Matthieu Decorde
03:45 pm Task #1423 (New): DOC: update "11.8.1 Lexique " section
Remove the popup form. Matthieu Decorde
03:10 pm Task #1422 (New): DOC: update " Le corpus QUÊTE" section
the corpus name has changed to GRAAL
Update the word properties description :
- add ana : ???
- add q
- add di...
Matthieu Decorde
03:09 pm Task #1421 (New): DOC: update "10.3.8 Les corpus exemples" section
The Discours corpus has been replaced with the VOEUX corpus.
-> examples using DISCOURS corpus must be replaced
Matthieu Decorde
03:07 pm Task #1420 (New): DOC: update "10.3.5 Installer TreeTagger pour ajouter automatiquement des pro...
Use the content of Matthieu Decorde
11:56 am Task #1419 (New): DOC: update "3.2 Lancer une mise à jour" section
remove the update black pop-up screenshot Matthieu Decorde
11:50 am Task #1418 (New): DOC: update install and run TXM sections
Windows :
* the screenshots have been made with Windows XP -> replace with Windows 7 screenshots
* add the Microsof...
Matthieu Decorde
11:30 am Task #1417 (New): DOC: update "1.3.4 Le site web des développeurs du logiciel TXM" section
this section is about the old sourceforge wiki instead of the txm-info wiki Matthieu Decorde
10:12 am Bug #1416 (New): GWT: 0.6: Java heap space exception
Occurs sometimes :
- at startup
- when using TIGERSearch
- when computing Index or Lexicon of Partition with a lo...
Matthieu Decorde


03:17 pm Bug #1411 (In Progress): RCP: encoding import section not set
The available encoding is not set to the encoding combo widget.
h3. Solution
Use the : ...
Matthieu Decorde


11:27 am Bug #1409 (New): RCP: 0.7.7 Ubuntu1404_64, drag tab to reorganize TXM window does not work
This functionality does not work correctly, the tab being dragged is sent to a new window Alexey Lavrentev


07:12 pm Revision 15
Alexey Lavrentev


03:57 pm Bug #1408 (New): RCP: 0.7.7, Lexical table, when deleting column(s), check for lines with margina...
Deleting columns in a Lexical Table can generate rows with null frequency value for all the remaining columns.
Such ...
Benedicte Pincemin


06:46 pm Bug #1407 (Rejected): Macro FacsEditionBuilder and EditionUpdater: compatibility with TXM 0.7.7
Two fixes are necessary to make these macros work with TXM 0.7.7:
# Replace [] with [:] on line 23 of both macros
Alexey Lavrentev


02:12 pm Bug #1225: RCP: 0.7.7, SWT_AWT bridging is bugged with the couple SWT 4.4 + JRE 7/JRE 8 on MAC OS X
After further investigation, the bug may be linked to the graphics acceleration that doesn't seem to be activated wit... Sebastien Jacquot
09:26 am Bug #1404 (New): RCP: Macro File field open or save option
The current File field is set to the OPEN SWT style and Mac users can't select a file to create.
h3. Solution
Matthieu Decorde


02:54 pm Feature #1036: RCP: X.X, do not delegate automatic update event to the RCP platform
Some modifications done in relation with this issue leads to the opening of the update versions list "big" dialog win... Sebastien Jacquot
11:29 am Bug #1403: TBX: Nullpointer exception when trying to pop the selected chart entities for drawing ...
I can't reproduce this bug but the code to pop the item was not accurate, a fix has just been committed. Sebastien Jacquot
11:23 am Bug #1403 (Closed): TBX: Nullpointer exception when trying to pop the selected chart entities for...
Nullpointer exception when trying to pop the selected chart entities for drawing them after unselected entities.
Sebastien Jacquot
11:16 am Task #1402 (New): Specificities bar chart, add "banality" labels for upper and lower range values
Add "banality" labels for upper and lower range values as in JFreeChart implementation. Sebastien Jacquot
10:46 am Bug #1401 (Feedback): TBX: Warning: NLS unused message: ChartsEngine_SPECIFICITIES_BANALITE_MARKE...
Done. This came from a misspelling in /org.txm.toolbox/src/java/org/txm/tbx/chartsengine/base/messages/ Sebastien Jacquot
10:25 am Bug #1401 (Closed): TBX: Warning: NLS unused message: ChartsEngine_SPECIFICITIES_BANALITE_MARKER_...
Following warning message:... Sebastien Jacquot


07:43 pm Bug #1399 (New): RCP: 0.7.7beta2 Ubuntu1404_64, boxes too small to display selected values
This should be checked in various forms. Just one example from Lexical Table minimum frequency selection:
Alexey Lavrentev
05:56 pm Bug #1398 (New): RCP: 0.7.7, TXM_0.7.7_Linux32.deb , Factorial Analysis broken
Sur Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit, l'analyse factorielle ne fonctionne pas.
Su la partition DISCOURS/text@id, erreur Java :
Serge Heiden


05:44 pm Bug #1397 (Rejected): RCP: 0.7.7beta2 Ubuntu1204_32, Factorial Analysis broken
AFC on DISCOURS@ID breaks.
Console stacktrace:...
Serge Heiden
05:12 pm Bug #1396 (Rejected): RCP: 0.7.7beta2 Ubuntu1204_32, Display menu entry translation needed
'Affichage / Reset display' menu entry must be translated in French.
Serge Heiden
05:08 pm Bug #1395 (Rejected): RCP: 0.7.7beta2 Ubuntu1204_32, backup messages
Backup messages have some formating and orthographic problems:... Serge Heiden
04:48 pm Bug #1394 (Rejected): RCP: 0.7.7beta2 Ubuntu1204_32, No browser
No browser available and no preference allows to select one.
* no home page
* no Edition
* no Desc...
Serge Heiden
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