From 07/15/2014 to 08/13/2014


05:13 pm Bug #975 (Closed): TXM: 0.7.6, corpus import must not accept invalid corpus names
Currently, CQP search engine cannot manage corpora with a name beginning with a digit: 0..9.
More generally, corpu...
Serge Heiden
03:32 pm Bug #974 (New): TBX: 0.7.6, corpus load abort causes corrupted corpus
If a corpus load is aborted, the corpus already existing or not, the corpus keeps present in the corpus view but "is ... Serge Heiden
11:52 am Bug #973 (New): GWT: 0.6, synoptic edition menu
In a synoptic edition, when the user wants to choose a new configuration to display (types of pages and their order),... Serge Heiden
11:23 am Bug #972 (New): DOC: HTML online manual remove bad space in section "12.2.1 Recherche d'un mot"
12.2.1 Recherche d'un mot... Serge Heiden
11:11 am Bug #971 (Closed): GWT: 0.6, HTML page loader message to clean
The method loading an HTML page starts by displaying a message like "Loading page XXX...".
That method must clear ...
Serge Heiden


05:11 pm Bug #970 (New): TBX: 0.7.6, import modules teiHeader error message
Help the user to diagnoze the problem with a more explicit error message:
"Error: no teiHeader found in: t0015"
Serge Heiden
01:12 pm Feature #968: TXM: X.X, (GWT + RCP) Text edition with source text not in corpus
This is related to #164 (out-of-tex&in-edition).
See also
* "Spécifications de la production des éditions":https...
Alexey Lavrentev
12:49 pm Feature #969 (New): TXM: X.X, (GWT + RCP) textual planes
Texts are possibly composed of several textual planes:
* the basic text, or primary text or main body of text
* sec...
Serge Heiden
12:37 pm Feature #968 (New): TXM: X.X, (GWT + RCP) Text edition with source text not in corpus
Be able to render text editions with source text not found in the corpus.
For example:
* footnotes content
* or ...
Serge Heiden


10:24 am Bug #967 (Closed): TBX: 0.7.6, update impossible
In TXM 0.7.5 updated to 0.7.6, it is impossible to update the 06-08-2014:
The error message is:...
Serge Heiden
10:19 am Bug #966 (Closed): TBX: 0.7.6, import module abort causes corrupted original corpus
When an import module starts, it asks confirmation to replace original corpus.
Currently, the code delete the orig...
Serge Heiden


04:30 pm Bug #965 (Closed): TBX: X.X, net.sf.saxon.TransformerFactoryImpl class not found
Problem: In some environments, the javax TransformerFactory cannot be resolved. When the "javax.xml.transform.Transfo... Matthieu Decorde
12:06 pm Task #964 (New): DOC: Groovy script environment
* how to call a macro from a Groovy script
* what is the Groovy classpath used by TXM
* what is the current direct...
Matthieu Decorde
12:02 pm Feature #963 (New): RCP: X.X, Calling a macro with parameters from a Groovy script
Macros should be callable directly with parameters through the "args" Groovy binding mecanism.
This would allow th...
Matthieu Decorde
11:06 am Bug #962 (New): Rotation parameter does not works
The rotation parameter does not works.
Solution: it was not added in the R command, add it.
Matthieu Decorde
11:04 am Task #961 (New): TBX: X.X, PG project
*importing big co...
Matthieu Decorde
11:01 am Bug #960 (New): RCP: 0.7.6, Transcriber import module "remove speaker" step does not work
1) The transcriber import module "remove speaker" step does not work
* Fix the bug in transcriberLoad...
Matthieu Decorde
10:55 am Feature #959 (Rejected): RCP: X.X, simplification of commands implementation
To simplify developments and prepare futur plugins of TXM : a command must be able :
* to delete itself
* to tell ...
Matthieu Decorde
10:52 am Bug #958 (Feedback): TBX: X.X, nullpointer exception in JFC CA title generation if partition is null
The title of CA is built from its partition name, if its partition is null, then we'll use the corpus name Matthieu Decorde


05:59 pm Feature #957 (New): TBX: X.X, Optimize some commands
Dans le cas de certains corpus volumineux et de certains calculs spécifiques nous cherchons à mieux gérer les c...
Matthieu Decorde
03:31 pm Feature #956 (New): RCP: X.X, Common Mac OS X application launchers policy for TXM
TXM must comply with common Mac OS X application launchers policies:
# If the application's icon has been placed i...
Matthieu Decorde
09:34 am Feature #955 (New): RCP: X.X, Add TXM launcher in OS docks
After TXM installation is done, there should be a TXM launcher icon in the OS Dock:
* Windows: Quick Access Toolba...
Matthieu Decorde


11:58 am Feature #954 (New): TBX: X.X, Optimisation des modules d'import
Pour pouvoir importer des corpus très volumineux sans faire des traitements textométriques particuliers, on spéc...
Matthieu Decorde


09:47 am Bug #687: TBX: 0.7.5, specificities 0 score problem
Tested, documented and published on R-cran Matthieu Decorde
09:45 am Bug #953: RCP: 0.7.6, Default folder in File view and TXM home directory
I changed the target to TXM X.X, since TXM 0.7.6 is released Matthieu Decorde
09:19 am Bug #953 (New): RCP: 0.7.6, Default folder in File view and TXM home directory
* The default folder in file view must use TXM home directory (currently user home).
** MD: This behaviour has been ...
Alexey Lavrentev
09:08 am Bug #952 (Closed): RCP: 0.7.5, Ubuntu 14.04, TXM crashes with Description command
Reported by AL: When calling Description command on -the BFM2014 corpus- +any corpus+, TXM +sporadically+ freezes and... Alexey Lavrentev
08:23 am Bug #915: RCP: 0.7.6beta, Macro view and TXM home directory
If TXM home directory is not located in the user home, the macros cannot be executed : error message (FR)
> Le scrip...
Alexey Lavrentev


03:42 pm Support #951 (Closed): NL: TXM 0.7.6 update fails
OS : Windows 32bit
No proxy...
Matthieu Decorde
01:37 pm Feature #950: Range control enhancement
I modified the RangeSlider to be able to show the current time cursor
Matthieu Decorde
01:34 pm Feature #950 (New): Range control enhancement
Replace the "from" and "to" textfield with a RangeSlider that shows :
* starting time cursor
* current time cursor...
Matthieu Decorde


08:50 am Feature #948 (New): RCP: 0.7.6, TXM splash screen version must be in sync with TXM version
The splash screen still displays "TXM 0.7.5" instead of "0.7.6 <date>"
The RCP update system does not update the s...
Matthieu Decorde


02:00 pm Bug #947 (New): Under Windows, the RConsole does not work
When executing a R "print" command, the result is not shown in the R console.
Note: Linux and Mac OS X works fine ...
Matthieu Decorde
10:13 am Bug #946 (Closed): RCP: 0.7.6beta: progression line style parameter value must be single
The progression line style parameter default value must be single.
Matthieu Decorde


04:22 pm Bug #847: RCP: x.x, macro Parameters dialog box fields of type 'File' fail with empty value
Tested with macro... Matthieu Decorde
04:18 pm Bug #866: TBX: x.x, R workspace bug (working directory)
execute print(getwd()) in a R script and check that wd = $HOME/TXM/R Matthieu Decorde
04:08 pm Support #893: CLM (2014-06-21) XP 32 Bits - Update 0.7.5 vers 0.7.6BETA - indique “droits insuffi...
Can only be tested with a 0.7.6 setup, on Linux it works Matthieu Decorde
03:59 pm Support #894: TXM: 0.7.6beta, TXM freeze during splash screen on Mac OS X
Beta tested Matthieu Decorde
03:57 pm Bug #913: RCP: X.X, remove sample groovy scripts from classpath
Test : create A.groovy in "users" directory with ... Matthieu Decorde
09:36 am Feature #837: TBX: x.x, don't stop XML/w import during compiler step if a file is malformed
We need to set an explicit and consistent console messages policy:
- messages should be on one line if possible
- s...
Serge Heiden
08:59 am Feature #837: TBX: x.x, don't stop XML/w import during compiler step if a file is malformed
The message is shown curing the "compiler" step : Moving $xmlFile to $errorDir
I'll add the "Warning: " prefix
Matthieu Decorde


04:57 pm Bug #910 (Resolved): RCP: X.X, Progression parameters dialog no query available message
Sebastien Jacquot
03:56 pm Task #810: RCP: 0.7.5, create a new preference page for Partitions
Checked. Sebastien Jacquot
03:53 pm Feature #738 (Resolved): RCP: x.x, Help menu, new entries
Checked. The menu entries are there and links work.
NOTE: There is an SSL certificate warning message in SWT browser...
Sebastien Jacquot
03:50 pm Feature #732 (Resolved): RCP: x.x, File explorer default path
Checked. Sebastien Jacquot
03:49 pm Feature #224: RCP: x.x, Translate Eclipse messages
The RCP messages are still not traduced in FR. Sebastien Jacquot
03:46 pm Bug #177 (Resolved): RCP: 0.7.2, Corpus view, CAH result icon, contextual menu, add delete command
Checked. Sebastien Jacquot
03:43 pm Bug #749 (Resolved): TBX: Windows: Execute an R script doesn't work if the script contains more t...
Test OK. Multi-line code is well executed on Win 7 and list viewing works.
NOTE: effectively, we need to use print()...
Sebastien Jacquot
03:36 pm Feature #797: RCP: 0.7.5, add a preference to "Corespondence Analysis" page for setting default l...
Checked. Sebastien Jacquot
03:32 pm Feature #837: TBX: x.x, don't stop XML/w import during compiler step if a file is malformed
Test OK with 9 files + 1 one malformed file.
The malformed file is well skipped.
But I can't find a message saying ...
Sebastien Jacquot
03:22 pm Bug #806 (Resolved): TBX: 0.7.5: import TXT and its "text_type" and "text_name" properties
Test OK. Here are the only structural units and properties after a TXT import (without metadata.csv) :
p (id)
Sebastien Jacquot
03:17 pm Bug #811 (Resolved): TBX: 0.7.5: default character encoding of lexical tables export/import
Checked on Win 7, the generated exported files are in UTF-8, as expected. Sebastien Jacquot
03:13 pm Bug #909 (Resolved): RCP: 0.7.6beta: impossible to delete a specicifity result computed from a su...
Test OK on multiple sub-corpus.
(The log could be more precise ? here is the log when deleting some Specificites res...
Sebastien Jacquot
03:10 pm Bug #872: RCP: 0.7.6, Mac OS X, the right mouse click pan doesn't work in chart editors
Test OK on VM with Mac OS 10.9.4 Sebastien Jacquot
03:00 pm Task #810 (Resolved): RCP: 0.7.5, create a new preference page for Partitions
Matthieu Decorde
02:58 pm Task #803 (Resolved): TBX: x.x : Refactor old "Repartition" to "Progression"
Checked. Sebastien Jacquot
02:55 pm Feature #769: RCP: x.x, "dev" update level
Tests OK for the DEV main update and the DEV extension update. Sebastien Jacquot
02:54 pm Task #944 (New): Export chart, export data, add the format types in the dialog box and export dat...
Old note:
- discuss about sharing the chart export and data export systems
- share a method to create a default val...
Sebastien Jacquot
02:52 pm Bug #166: Spelling error in the French name of "ContextGauche" column in concordance export
Test OK.
(But it may need some spaces between the words ?)
Sebastien Jacquot
02:25 pm Task #941 (Resolved): RCP: 0.7.6, Progression charts, rotate the part marker labels of 90 degrees...
Sebastien Jacquot
10:57 am Feature #943 (New): RCP: X.X, use structure limits in concordance contexts
Currently "text" is the only structure used to cut concordance contexts. In some contexts, in can be useful (necessar... Matthieu Decorde


02:47 pm Task #941 (Closed): RCP: 0.7.6, Progression charts, rotate the part marker labels of 90 degrees a...
- fix missing words in Progression cumulative and density chart titles
- put the structure and property information ...
Sebastien Jacquot
02:03 pm Task #939 (New): DOC: Specificities section, describe the way to get specificities from an index ...
Specificities section, describe the way to get specificities from an index and a lexical table.
Also describe what i...
Sebastien Jacquot
11:01 am Feature #938 (New): TBX: X.X, locale configuration of the R String sorts
alphabetical sort is done by two different components in TXM:
* R statistical engine (for lexical tables)
* Java to...
Matthieu Decorde
09:49 am Task #810: RCP: 0.7.5, create a new preference page for Partitions
the page was not displayed, because not referenced in "plugin.xml" Matthieu Decorde
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