From 11/07/2013 to 12/06/2013


03:47 pm Feature #478 (New): RCP: x.x, Macro parameters remanence
It is cumbersome for the user to have to set all the parameters again from scratch (from the macro default values) in... Matthieu Decorde
03:29 pm Feature #477 (Closed): RCP: x.x, execute last Groovy script called
Add a global variable named "txm.groovy.lastscript" to store the path of the last executed script
Add a keybinding ...
Matthieu Decorde
03:11 pm Feature #476 (New): TBX: x.x, same execution context for Java, Groovy, R and XSL
Java class, Groovy scripts, R scripts and XSL stylesheets must share the same execution context :
* current director...
Matthieu Decorde


05:31 pm Feature #475 (New): RCP: x.x, import editor, "Language" section availability
show or not the "Language/Langue principale" section of the import editor depending on the selected import module Matthieu Decorde


10:14 am Bug #469 (Closed): RCP: x.x, fix the toolbar position
Since we use Eclise 4.3, the toolbar is missplaced.
It should appear at the left corner instead of the right corner.
Matthieu Decorde


01:56 pm Bug #458 (New): RCP: 0.7.2, Subcorpus description, sample values of word properties
The sample values of word properties are not taken from the subcorpus but from the whole corpus. This may be misleading. Alexey Lavrentev


10:03 am Feature #456 (New): TBX: x.x, Replace/switch RServe by/to JRI
This will allow us to stop using sockets to communicate with R
Matthieu Decorde


01:54 pm Feature #164: TBX:x.x, import, CSS, xml elements indexation and styling
En rédigeant cette spécif, je voulais m'abstraire au maximum de toute sémantique de balises (HTML, TEI ou autre). Ce ... Alexey Lavrentev
01:41 pm Feature #164: TBX:x.x, import, CSS, xml elements indexation and styling
Commentaires de *Sébastien Jacquot* (mail sur txm-info 2013-11-15 13:16)
Je me demande s'il n'y aurait pas un inté...
Alexey Lavrentev
01:07 pm Bug #451 (New): RCP: x.x, Index, "Cancel" and "Close" buttons don't cancel the properties to display
The "Close" button of the dialog don't cancel the properties to display Sebastien Jacquot


03:18 pm Feature #224: RCP: x.x, Translate Eclipse messages
Works with TXM run from Eclipse but not with an installed TXM Matthieu Decorde


01:29 pm Task #450 (New): TBX: x.x, normalize apostrophes given to TreeTagger
La stratégie correspondant au choix actuel est :
a) on ne modifie pas les sources au sens où toutes les formes ...
Matthieu Decorde
12:12 pm Feature #449 (New): TBX: x.x, Tokenizers strategy and components
A) add a system (plugin or not) to be able to use different Tokenizers.
B) finish some existing tokenizers (TreeTagg...
Matthieu Decorde
11:32 am Bug #448 (Closed): GWT: 0,5: The Files directory is not copied from /var/lib/tomcat6/txm/projets/...
This directory was created to stock non-html files to link from portal pages (e.g. .pdf, .zip, .xml...) Alexey Lavrentev
10:31 am Feature #447 (New): TBX: x.x, replace TreeTagger lemma if value is @card@
the @card@ value is not really helpful.
Replace the @card@ lemma values with the form value after tagging
Matthieu Decorde
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