Task #2768

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# Feedback d'une action utilisateur en cours (action demandée par l'utilisateur) : début et fin de calcul (vide la barre).
# Inormation sur un résultat lors du clic sur son noeud dans la vue Corpus

h3. Solution for 0.8.1

see https://groupes.renater.fr/wiki/txm-info/public/specs_dev_rcp/specs_feedback_ui#txm_082 for details on implementation

# use the TXMResult start computing message when a computing is started
** in TXMEditor.openEditor
** and in TXMEditor.compute
# check that the status bar that clears it is always active in current state
# on result node click
** if result is not computed: do not display anything
** if result is computed: in discussion at this moment to see if we can mutualise a part of the computing done message that could be reused in the status bar