Feature #1664

Updated by Matthieu Decorde 4 months ago

Currently, the dialog box used to choose the word property in Lexicon is the same as the one of the Index command.

The selection mechanism mecanism is designed to be able to choose several values, but in the case of the Lexicon only one value can be selected. This can confuse the user who may try to choose several values like in the Index dialog box.

We must make the UI of the word property selection for the Lexicon command more specialized.

h3. Solution

In the Lexicon editor form, change the 'word [Editer]' toolbar widget group by a combo widget '[word|v]'.

h3. Solution 2

Don't change the widget in the toolbar (+ homogeneous) Merge Lexicon and simplify the properties dialog: remove the 2nd List Index commands?

An index without query
and select&move buttons. one property is a lexicon