Feature #2673

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot 6 months ago

CQPEngine, try to avoid the "[]" query when it's possible.

At this moment, this query can be used to convert subcorpus "range" positions to real "matches" positions, eg. "[15, 24]" to "[15,15][16,16]...[24,24]".
CQP needs for some commands the real list of all matches instead of ranges.
This query can be especially heavy on some subcorpus.

* search for "\"[]\"" in all source code
* evaluate if it's really necessary to use the query
* additionally: may create an abstract method in SearchEngine or Query named as getAllMAtchesQuery() returning eg. "\"[]\"" for CQPSearchEngine and something else for other engines, eg. TigerSearch. Or maybe better a SearchEngine preference. TigerSearch