Feature #176

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot over 2 years ago

A description would be associated to every object of the Corpus view.
One part of this description would be automatically generated : function and parameters used for the creation of the object, creation date, TXM version used...)
Another part would be a free commentary.

h3. First proposals

* add a member TXMResult.userComment and save it in TXMResult.autoSaveParametersFromAnnotations() as for TXMResult.userName
** maybe better => shared the "description" field/member or Corpus object
* add a member TXMResult.txmVersion and save it in TXMResult.autoSaveParametersFromAnnotations()
* rethink the Properties command to share code between TXMObject and TXMResult, eg. the "rename" command will be shared by all TXMResult
* creation date can be retrieve from the TXMResult UUID but it would be simpler to store it as is, eg. member TXMResult.creationDate and preference name creation_date