Feature #1162

Updated by Matthieu Decorde almost 3 years ago

Comma (,) as column separator is a mess between Windows Excel and Mac OS X Excel and Calc, etc. for TXM users.

h3. Solution

CSV tables column separator must be set to TABULATION (TAB) for import and export.

h4. Data structures concerned

* metadata.csv (to rename 'metadata.tsv')
* command results export tables
* lexical tables

h4. UI specifications

* In the "User > Import" preference page, rename "metadata.csv file format" to "CSV file format"
* In the "User > Export" preference page, add a "CSV file format" section around the 3 CSV items
* the TABULATION character must be expressed by the 'TAB' string
* if the character separator value is not the TAB string, use the given character literally (in this case, there must be only one character in the field)
* UI concerned: parameters, preferences and macro parameters

h4. Commands concerned

* Export result
* Import Lexical Table
* Corpus import modules

Preferences concerned

* metadata table separator (remove 'text field' character)
* export table column separator (?)

h4. Scripts concerned

* some macros: CSV2XML, etc.

h4. files specifications

* table files must have the '.tsv' (for import and export)

h4. documentation specifications

* update manual

h4. samples

* update corpus sources