Task #2218

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot almost 3 years ago

NOTE: Need to upgrade or change this lib, see: http://www.lowagie.com/iText. This lib was used by some functionalities of the toolbox but now is only used to export chart as PDF from JFreeChart but also from SVG Batik viewer.

Upgrade iText library to iIext5 (java 5) or iText7 (java 7).
* https://github.com/itext/itextpdf (iText5)
* http://developers.itextpdf.com/itext-7

See if it resolves:
* http://forge.cbp.ens-lyon.fr/redmine/issues/1182
* http://forge.cbp.ens-lyon.fr/redmine/issues/1046

Otherwise change the lib.

NOTE: this issue is also linked to the PDF result export (and PDF corpus import?).