Feature #1903

Updated by Matthieu Decorde about 4 years ago

The repository should be able to change the concordance annotation UI strings

concordance UI Strings and keys are:
* start annotation button title = (annotate) Messages.Messages.ConcordancesEditor_75
* stop annotation button title = (cancel) Messages.ConcordancesEditor_101
* action combo values = (affect) Messages.ConcordancesEditor_22, (remove) Messages.ConcordancesEditor_24
* affectation combo values = (selected lines) Messages.ConcordancesEditor_35, (current page lines) Messages.ConcordancesEditor_42, (all lines) Messages.ConcordancesEditor_49
* with label = (with categorie) Messages.ConcordancesEditor_83
* value label (expert) = (value=) Messages.ConcordancesEditor_80

dialogs messages and keys are:
* ConcordancesEditor_110=New value {0} for category {1}
* ConcordancesEditor_112=The value {0} is not associated with the category {1}. Associate it ?
* ConcordancesEditor_100: Available values for {0}

Concordance table widget:
* annotation column title ! Category/Catégorie

Which gives, in simple mode:
<pre>Set|Delete Selected lines|Page lines|All lines with the category OK Cancel</pre>
and in advanced mode:
<pre>Set|Delete Selected lines|Page lines|All lines with the category = and the value = OK Cancel</pre>
and in advanced mode and SyMoGIH mode:
<pre>Set|Delete Selected lines|Page lines|All lines with the type = and the id = OK Cancel</pre>

h3. Solution

add the <strings> element to the <repository> element and a <string key="">value</string> element per String to translate

The key attribute value is one from the following list:
* Messages.ConcordancesEditor_22: affect
* Messages.ConcordancesEditor_24: remove
* ConcordancesEditor_83: with category
* ConcordancesEditor_80: value =

Example of scripts element with en and fr messages:
<strings lang="en">
<string key="ConcordancesEditor_22">Affect</string>
<string key="ConcordancesEditor_24">Delete</string>
<string key="ConcordancesEditor_83">with the category</string>
<string key="ConcordancesEditor_80">value=</string>
<string key="ConcordancesEditor_110">New value {0} for category {1}</string>
<string key="ConcordancesEditor_112">The value {0} is not associated with the category {1}. Associate it ?</string>
<string key="ConcordancesEditor_100">Available values for {0}</string>
<strings lang="fr">
<string key="ConcordancesEditor_22">Annoter</string>
<string key="ConcordancesEditor_24">Retirer</string>
<string key="ConcordancesEditor_83">avec la catégorie</string>
<string key="ConcordancesEditor_80">valeur=</string>
<string key="ConcordancesEditor_110">Nouvelle valeur {0} pour la catégorie {1}</string>
<string key="ConcordancesEditor_112">La valeur {0} n'est pas encore associée à la catégorie : {1}. Créer l'association ?</string>
<string key="ConcordancesEditor_100">Valeurs disponibles pour {0}</string>