Task #1338

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot over 5 years ago


This issue is dedicated to validate the last changes made to support proxy connection during installation and use of TXM on Linux including: TXM installation, R installation, TXM RCP update system, R launching and R packages installation/update. It is also dedicated to validate that these changes don't broke direct connections support.
(You can see #1022 for more informations on what has been developed and researches made about this support.)

TXM on Linux can encounter network issues at various moments:

* during installation when:
=> dependencies are installed
=> R packages are installed

* during first launch of TXM when:
=> welcome page is shown in the TXM/SWT web browser

* during next launches of TXM when:
=> updates are fetched at start-up
=> user calls the "Check R packages" command (only if the local check show there is a new version of the package)
=> user calls the "Check for updates" command
=> user calls the "Add an extension" command

h3. Validation tests

* use a computer on Linux
* install the last TXM 0.7.7 beta 2 setup from here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/txm/files/software/TXM/0.7.7beta2
* start TXM
=> the application must not hang up on the splash screen
* the browser must display the welcome page of TXM site
=> Starting with the title "TXM 0.7.7 beta" etc.
* check the network connection provider from "Tools\Parameters\General\Network Connections"
=> if you use a proxy the "Active Provider" must be set as "Native"
=> if you do not use a proxy the "Active Provider" must be set as "Direct"

* in "Tools\Parameters\TXM\Advanced" check or change the "Update Level" so it's set as "DEV" in the combo box

* quit and restart TXM
=> when launched the application must say there is a new update to download
* apply the update and restart TXM
=> check the TXM installation history in "Help\About TXM", button "Installation Details", the entry "Current Installation" must be XXXXXX
* call the "File\Check for updates" command
=> the application must not hang up and say there is no new updates
* call the "File\Add an extension" command
=> the application must not hang up, open the extensions installation dialog window and show the list of available extensions

* please provide the version of Linux used for the validation test
* please precise if you are connected to the Internet through a proxy or not
* if possible and if you use a proxy, please precise if you use a classic proxy configuration or an URL to a dynamic .pac file