Task #1203

Updated by Matthieu Decorde about 5 years ago

SH: The SearchReplaceInDirectory "showMatchingFilesOnly" option behavior must be coherent with the script behavior without the option (actual string 'replacement' in the files). If the 'replacement' behavior asks for a full line regexp, the 'showMatchingFilesOnly' must also ask for a full line regexp. Otherwise, the 'showMatchingFilesOnly' option is not an option, it is another command and the script should be splet.

MD: the SearchReplaceInDirectory "showMatchingFilesOnly" option must not behave like grep.
The user must add manually ".*" if necessary

h3. Solution

- remove the starting and ending ".*" in the regular expression
- remove the "showMatchingFilesOnly" option and create the SearchInDirectory macro

h3. Validation test
search and replace "aa" in the following content
aa bb aaa bb a bb aaaa b

MD : **OK** Linux 64bit