Bug #1064

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot over 5 years ago

What is the expected behavior in this case ? At this moment, if I remember well, we have decided that the chart view should be reset when closing an editor.
This bug is linked to the general separation of code that we need to do, i.e. move all rendering related code from the TXM result objects (CA, CAH, Progression, etc.) to the Charts Engine layer. (e.g. the problem with the CA is that the axis plan is stored inside the CA object itself)
This bug is also linked to the general discussion of results and editors persistence and result tree nodes reopening management.

At this moment a simple and temporary workaround should be to update the combox from the CA axis value to keep a coherent state.

h3. Validation tests test

* call CA
* change axis plan combo to "(2,3)"
* close the CA editor
* re-open the CA from the corpus view node
* the axis plan combo must be is set to "(2,3)"

* call CAH
* compute rows from tool bar
* change the number of clusters
* close the CAH editor
* re-open the CAH from the corpus view node
* the CAH must be computed on rows and the number of clusters must be the same as modified before closing the editor