Feature #841

Updated by Matthieu Decorde about 6 years ago

h3. X-axis range

Currently, the X-axis starts with the subcorpus first word position and ends with the last word position.

The new behavior must translate the subcorpus positions so that the X-axis starts at 0.

h3. Subcorpus continuity

h4. Solution 1

Currently, the sub-corpus continuity test is only to verify if the CQL query result corresponding to the sub-corpus is composed of only ONE match.

h4. Solution 2

Next step is to test the continuity of all the matches of a sub-corpus:
* if query result is composed of one match return TRUE
* else for each match
if last match, break
** if
current_match.end = next_match.start-1 then continue
*** * else return FALSE false
* return TRUE