Task #1255

Updated by Matthieu Decorde over 5 years ago

If TXM embeds JAva, the user does not need to install Java and the user should not be asked to install Java for TXM installer.

h2. Solution

Linux installer does not use java during the installation.

Windows tests Java architecture before installing, remove the test from the NSIS install script
* MD: done

Mac OS X uses Java to :
* Ask the user if he wants to install R Packages.
Use "Apple Script" dialogs instead
*** ** MD: done but we must find out how to put the dialog box in the foreground)
** Use Package installer "choice" feature that copy the r_libs.R file. Then during the post installation script if the r_libs.R file exists install the R Packages. This solution does not create a modal dialog box

* Get proxy configuration. Use "networksetup" instead or a Unix command to find out proxy configuration
** MD: done but must be tested