Bug #1225

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot over 6 years ago

Charts don't work anymore on MAC OS X with last setup.
All SWT/AWT bridges in Composite are affected:
R chart engine, JFC chart engine and "old" SVG Batik Editor (it's the one used when opening an SVG file from the "File" view)

SWT_AWT bridging is bugged with the couple SWT 4.4 (or <= 4.0 ?) + JRE 7/JRE 8 on MAC OS X

With R chart engine and "old" SVG Batik Editor => TXM hangs up
With JFC charts engine => TXM slows down and the chart is not displayed/refreshed

Involved classes:
* /org.txm.rcp/src/main/java/org/txm/rcp/chartsengine/jfreechart/swt/JFCComposite.java
* /org.txm.rcp/src/main/java/org/txm/rcp/chartsengine/svgbatik/swt/SVGComposite.java
* /org.txm.rcp/src/main/java/org/txm/rcpapplication/svg/SVGComposite.java

If someone think about some other AWT/SWT bridges in TXM RCP, please let me know.



h3. Solution 1

TODO: workaround: call invokeLater

h3. Solution 2

Keep Java 1.6 as embeded JRE version