Feature #1045

Updated by Matthieu Decorde almost 6 years ago

Add a new 'Edition/Édition' section in the 'import parameters form' of the TXT+CSV and XML/w+CSV import modules.

Add a new integer field in that section:
* called 'Words per page/Mots par page'
* flightover "maximum number of words per page"/"nombre maximum de mots par page"
* internal name pageSize

For the XML/w+CSV import module, add a comment to the field saying "(Use a high value to let the pagebreak tag drive pagination)"/"(Mettre une valeur importante pour laisser la balise de séparation de pages prendre le contrôle de la pagination)".

Default value is taken from import.xml or from the default value of the import module script.

The value of that import parameter must be given to the Pager script of each import module.

h3. Validation test

* open a import form and select a source directory
* change the default value to 200
* start the iport
* open the new corpus edition 2nd page