Feature #1120

Updated by Alexey Lavrentev almost 6 years ago

Create a new Download command for corpus binary

h3. Solution

* name = download
* contextual command + toolbar button with tooltip + hyperlink + URL
** the button is placed at the end of the toolbar and contextual menu
* access control: new permission "DownloadPermission", add the permission to the list in the Admin interface
* download servlet
* download binary "<corpusname>.txm"

h3. Implementation state

* Not done: URL must ask for authentification if no current session

h3. Validation test

* select the Graal corpus
* place the mouse over the "box" button on the toolbar: verify tooltip "Télécharger" ("Download" with locale=en)
* test permission colntrol
* click on the "box" button
* download the file "graal.txm"
* connect as admin, add line <permission value="DownloadPermission" not="true"/> to the Graal corpus in the Anonymous profile
* logout and check that the command is no longer available