Feature #868

Updated by Matthieu Decorde almost 6 years ago

R cannot access internet if there is a proxy. R needs internet access:
* during TXM installation (Linux + Mac OS X) -> R configuration
* during the "Check R packages" command. -> Rserve & R configuration

R proxy configuration depends on the Operating System:
* Windows: R uses the "--internet2" option
* Mac OS X/Linux: R uses the "http_proxy" environment variable

- For Windows: the "--internet2" option can be added automatically. see: http://cran.r-project.org/bin/windows/base/rw-FAQ.html#The-Internet-download-functions-fail_002e
- For Mac OS X and Linux, we have to test the "http_proxy" R env variable is used

Currently R and RServe options are not configured by TXM StatEngine preferences.
(For runtime proxy options see also commands: setInternet2(use=TRUE) and Sys.setenv(http_proxy="http://user:password@proxy.example.com:8080/" ))
(We may also use .Rprofile system ? MD: I would rather not do this)

*Solution1* :
* Embbed R in all setups and provide the exact libraries for this version of R