Feature #564

Updated by Matthieu Decorde over 6 years ago

For some environments, R package installation doesn't work.

For example on Ubuntu 64bits 12.04 TXM 0.7.5 beta :
Running the following R code:
The installation seems to work because the console messages show the installation process
and finish with:
<pre>Rserve>* DONE (stylo)</pre>

We can check the installation with the following R code:

h2. Windows 7 case

On Windows 7:

The user is asked by R if he wish to create a library directory to install R packages.
* If he says "no", the update fails
* If he says "yes" the directory is created and textometry is installed in that directory. It is only at next TXM startup that textometry is detected.

Solution, is to set a supplementary library directory in $TXMHOME/R/libraries:
.libPaths(c("path/to/txm/r/directory/libraries", .libPaths()))
"path/to/txm/r/directory/libraries" must come first that's way R will try this directory to install packages

Windows users needs to restart the StatEngine.