Feature #868

Updated by Serge Heiden about 6 years ago

h2. R Proxy configuration

R proxy Proxy configuration depends on the Operating System: differs from OS :
* Windows: R uses one must add the "--internet2" option
* Mac OS X/Linux: Unix/Linux: R uses the "http_proxy" environment variable value

- For Windows: Windows OS, the "--internet2" option can be added automatically. see: http://cran.r-project.org/bin/windows/base/rw-FAQ.html#The-Internet-download-functions-fail_002e
- For Mac OS X/Linux: X : test the http_proxy variable

h2. R Working directory

See: #866

h2. R runtime Run options

Currently the RServe and R and RServe options are not configured by TXM in the StatEngine preferences.