Bug #3166

Import, Windows, CQP fails to create file .rng file with accents in name

Added by Sebastien Jacquot about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

Status:New Start date:10/04/2021
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Target version:TXM X.X



Debug activated
C:\Users\s\TXM-0.8.1\corpora\CORPUSJUILLET21\data\CORPUSJUILLET21\text_omodalit�.rng: Invalid argument
ATT: -S a:0+href+n
ATT: -V a_href:0
ATT: -V a_n:0
ATT: -S p:0+n
ATT: -V p_n:0
ATT: -S q:1+who+n
ATT: -S q1
ATT: -V q_who:1
ATT: -V q_who1
ATT: -V q_n:1
ATT: -V q_n1
ATT: -S r:0+whp+who+n
ATT: -V r_whp:0
ATT: -V r_who:0
ATT: -V r_n:0
ATT: -S text:0+id+base+project+type_interview+nombreintervenant+titre+annee+type+prononce_le+omodalit�+circonstance+modalit�+public+interaction+repertoire+intervenant+lieu
ATT: -V text_id:0
ATT: -V text_base:0
ATT: -V text_project:0
ATT: -V text_type_interview:0
ATT: -V text_nombreintervenant:0
ATT: -V text_titre:0
ATT: -V text_annee:0
ATT: -V text_type:0
ATT: -V text_prononce_le:0
ATT: -V text_omodalit�:0 
Can't write .rng file for s-attribute <text_omodalit�:0>. 

Need to check if accent in attribute name is valid in XML
If no, modify the XML validating process.
If yes, update CQP source to manage accent in filename or find another way to not fail the import (remove accent?)
The problem may also related to source files encoding.


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