Feature #2629

RCP: X.X, union, intersection, subtraction and complementary subcorpus operations

Added by Matthieu Decorde about 4 years ago.

Status:New Start date:09/06/2019
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Target version:TXM - Antract 3.0


We need new corpus operators to build specific corpus configurations:
  • for index to concordance hyperlink management
  • for resonance computing
  • etc.


Add Union, Intersection, Substraction and Complement commands.

The commands can be accessed from the Corpus view: main menu, contextual menu, toolbar.

They can take their arguments from a corpus or sub-corpus selection.

Parameters in a dialog box:
  • the list of arguments: the subcorpus and corpus selection previously selected in the corpora view. Ordered if possible
  • the new subcorpus name input: String
  • coalesce matches option: Boolean
  • target type option: matches or words
    • matches: usual CQP set operators semantics
    • words: new operators to implement to manage words instead of just matches (need to modify or create new matches)

Solution 2

Operators with N arguments, ++

and Complementary operator

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