Bug #2269

GWT: 0.6.1, Synchronize Simple_Viewer_beta usage between XTZ import module and TXM portal

Added by Alexey Lavrentev over 5 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

Status:New Start date:10/18/2017
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Target version:Portal 0.7


Currently, the viewer (zoom, pan, etc.) does not work on corpora created with XTZ module due to difference in file names. See email by Lars Döhling :

1. TXMWEB.jsp refers to Simple_Viewer_beta_1.1.js instead of Simple_Viewer_beta_1.1-min.js
--> fix: added "-min" in @src

2. The viewer images are located in images/toolbar as specified by viewer.toolbarImages 
inside toolbar-ext.js. However, all facs html files redefine viewer.toolbarImages to 
images/icons where they are located in the TXM file (but not at the portal).
--> fix: copied toolbar/*.png to icons, as symlinks do not work here

I think a better solution would be to keep the default path images/toolbar, i.e. fix the 
TXM file by removing the viewer.toolbarImages redefinition and rename images/icons 
to images/toolbar. 


#1 Updated by Matthieu Decorde over 2 years ago

  • Target version changed from Portal 0.6.2 to Portal 0.7

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