Feature #1551

RCP: 0.7.7, enhance graphical results end user post-editing or annotation

Added by Serge Heiden over 7 years ago.

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Target version:TXM X.X


Currently, TXM doesn't provide any tools to help the user to post-edit or annotate graphical results.

Instead it provides graphical export commands, of which the best one is the SVG format provided by the Java graphics engine.

That SVG export format may be enhanced by embeding some TXM objects semantics inside elements, see #1550.

To enhance graphical results end user post-editing or annotation, TXM could also be extended in two different ways.

Export in a format closer to the usual graphical tools of the user

Even if Inkscape is really a good editor for SVG and the SVG format itself is quite well known by editing software, TXM end users graphical editing tools seem to be more:
  • a) LibreOffice Impress /MS Powerpoint (it is made for slides editing but people like its drawing tools...)
  • b) Draw /? (associated with Writer)
  • c) Writer /Word (it is a word processor but people like to stay in it and use its integrated graphics editing tools...)

A first step could be a new ODF Draw export format, corresponding to the WPGPaintInterface API interface. That interface is probably already implemented in Java for writing (and reading).

That export should provide access to the whole LibreOffice graphical editing ecosystem: Draw/Impress/Writer (not sure there is an equivalent to the WMF format of the MS Office graphical editing ecosystem).

It should also embed as much as possible of the TXM objects semantics in the graphical objets exported to help the user to have an editing session more related to TXM results objects than just graphical objects. With respect to this, it would be interesting to compare which of SVG and Draw allows the best embeding and editing possibilities for the end user.

Allow the user to edit and annotate graphical results

Objectives and solutions for TXM desktop and TXM portal may be quite different.

This task may be related to the TXM annotation task.

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