Bug #1204

textometrie: broken link "Wiki des développeurs de TXM" to wiki dev

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The "http://txm.sourceforge.net/wiki" wiki dev link is incorrect.

  1. date 1: mediawiki shutdown on SF, link: ~"http://mediawiki.sourceforge.net/txm"
  2. date 2: new installation of mediawiki and content transfert, link "http://txm.sourceforge.net/wiki"
  3. date 3: update the http://textometrie.ens-lyon.fr link to the wiki dev
  4. date 4: the new wiki is spammed and moved to "http://txm.sourceforge.net/wiki.spammed"
  5. date 5: the "http://txm.sourceforge.net/wiki" wiki dev link is incorrect


Temporarily, update the link to the "txm-info" wiki.

See also: #1205

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precedes Bug #1205: wiki-dev: fix the spam and restore the wiki link New 12/16/2014 12/16/2014


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