Sourceforge SVN Usage

SVN folders structure

  • copyright: contains copyright files
  • corpora: contains samples binary corpus (deprecated)
  • CWB: contains modified CWB sources (fix error logs, jni code)
  • doc: contains all kind of TXM documentation
  • groovy-all: contains a RCP dependency project to enable Groovy scripting in TXM
  • Eclipse : contains the modified Eclipse project (p2 and workbench)
  • installers : contains a linux environment to build TXM for all supported architectures (Debian, Windows and Mac OS X)
  • libs: contains dependency projects (mandatory ones) of the TBX (and RCP ?) (groovy-all should be moved here)
  • plugins: contains plugins for TXM (optional ones)
  • RCP: contains the TXM RCP project
  • sdk: contains environment to build TXM SDK
  • textometry: contains the "textometry" R package sources
  • Toolbox: contains the Toolbox main dependency of the RCP project
  • translation: contains tools to translate TXM manual
  • WEB: contains TXM portal sources

SVN commit messages

Each commit message must follow the syntax :
  • prefix with *SOMETHING: *(space char)
  • then insert the nature of the commit for example : add, fix...
  • then insert the message content and details
  • if you need more than one line to describe the entry, prefix the following lines with "#"
Prefixes are :
  • RCP: the TXM desktop (RCP) project
  • TBX: the Toolbox (TBX) project
  • WEB: the TXM portal project
  • DOC: the documentation of any project
  • SETUP: the project that contains scripts to build TXM setups
  • CWB: the CQP lib project
  • EXT-<PLUGINNAME>: The extensions of TXM
  • LIB-<TECHNOLOGY>: Third party library plugins used by the TBX or the RCP
    • LIB-GROOVY: the Groovy-all plugin
    • LIB-JFC: the JFreeChart plugin
  • R-<package>: R Packages
    • R-textometry: the 'textometry' package sources
  • GROOVYALL: obsolete (See LIB-GROOVY)
  • SETUPS: obsolete (See SETUP)
  • LIBS: obsolete (See LIB-<TECHNOLOGY>)


TBX: add an awesome new functionnality
TBX: fix the XXX import module
# the flow was not Groovy enough
# end of this entry
DOC: add documentation of the new functionnality

For further details about commit message syntax, follow those principles: