Sample C04 from The Providence Journal

Description: July 4, 1961, "Theatre by the Sea" by George H. Arris
"Newport Playhouse" by Ted Holmberg
"Warwick Musical Theater" by George Troy
March 11, 1961, "Passed in Review" by Bradford F. Swan
March 3, 1961, "Before the House" by Bradford F. Swan
Edition: A part of the XML version of the Brown Corpus
Extent: 2,030 words 78 (3.8%) quotes 1 symbol
ID: C04
Availability: Used by permission of The Providence Journal
Source description: The Providence Journal
Encoding description: Arbitrary Hyphen: finger-tips [0390]ward-heelers [1330]Arbitrary No Hyphens: penthouse [1360]Typographical Errors: fiedgling [0130]youngsters [for youngster] [0240]as an appealing an Amy [0810]fugual [1300]
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