Sample C03 from The New York Times

Description: November 17, 1961, "D'Albert Plays Violin..."
November 17, 1961, p.38 "Music: Anna Xydis, Pianist" by Rose Parmenter
P. 33 "Books of the times" By Orville Prescott
November 16, 1961, p.44 "Texas Boys Choir"
"Dance: An Engaging Polish" by John Martin
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Extent: 2,048 words 299 (14.6%) quotes 4 symbols
ID: C03
Availability: Copyright 1961 by The New York Times Company. Reprinted by permission
Source description: The New York Times
Encoding description: Arbitrary No Hyphen: airdrops [1080]Typographical Errors: Brahm's [for Brahms'or Brahms's] [0120] Geroge [for George] [1350]
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