SRCMF corpus: TIGERSearch web interface

Query format

Type query using standard TIGERSearch syntax in the format #node:[ properties ] operator #node:[ properties ]. Full documentation for the query language may be found here; see also the quick reference.

Model semantics

Non-terminal nodes

The corpus contains two main types of non-terminal node: heads and structures. These alternate in the hierarchy: structure >M head >D structure(s)... >M head.

Each non-terminal node has a cat property.

The cat property of a head gives its morphological type: VFin, VInf, VPar, Nom, Adj, Adv.

The cat property of a structure node gives its function relative to the head on which it depends: Aux, AuxA, AuxP, Det, ModA, ModD, AtObj, AtSj, Regim, Cmpl, Obj, Refl, SjImp, SjPer, Circ, NgPrt, Ng, Apst, Insrt, Intj.

The head of each sentence (a finite verb) is the daughter of a maximal structure (cat = Snt).

Relating words such a prepositions, conjunctions and subordinated conjunctions (RelNC, RelC) are daughters of a structure node: structure >R relator.

Coordinated structures are linked to a group node by a secondary arc, labelled coord: group >~coord structure.

Terminal nodes

Words are terminal nodes. Each terminal node has a word property, containing its lexical form, and a pos property, containing its part-of-speech (Cattex–TreeTagger).

Sample queries

The following sample queries may be tested by copying and pasting into the query panel.

Find all main clause verbs:
[cat = "Snt"] >M #vfin:[cat = "VFin"]

Find all structures introduced by a preposition:
#n >R #relnc:[cat = "RelNC"]
& #relnc >L [pos = /PRE.*/]

Find all post-verbal NP subjects:
#verb:[cat = "VFin"] >D #suj:[cat = "SjPer"]
& #suj >M [cat = "Nom"]
& #suj >@l #sword
& #verb >L #vword
& #vword .* #sword

Find indefinite subjects introduced by qui:
[cat = "VFin"] >D #suj:[cat = "SjPer"]
& #suj >R #relnc:[cat = "RelNC"]
& ( #relnc >L [word = /[QqKk]u?i/]
| #relnc >~dupl [word = /[QqKk]u?i/] )

Find sentences with coordinated subjects:
#coo:[cat = "Coo"] >~coord #sj1:[cat = "SjPer"]
& #coo >~coord #sj2:[cat = "SjPer"]
& #sj1 $ #sj2

Find sentences with possible gapping of the finite verb (i.e. coordination of subject–predicate pairs):
#gpcoo1:[cat = "GpCoo"] >~coord #suj1:[cat = "SjPer"]
& #gpcoo1 $.* #gpcoo2:[cat = "GpCoo"]
& #gpcoo2 >~coord #suj2:[cat = "SjPer"]
& #gpcoo1 >~coord #pred1:[cat = /Cmpl|Obj|AtSj/]
& #gpcoo2 >~coord #pred2:[cat = /Cmpl|Obj|AtSj/]

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