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  annotation 1611 almost 2 years Matthieu Decorde fix corpus 0.7.9 loading fix annotation save fi...

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1611 01/04/2019 11:06 am Matthieu Decorde

fix corpus 0.7.9 loading
fix annotation save
fix open/close of TXMToolbar groups

1610 01/03/2019 03:08 pm Matthieu Decorde

add ahc feature to build
fix stable update site

1609 01/03/2019 09:47 am Matthieu Decorde

messages fixes

1558 12/17/2018 03:50 pm Matthieu Decorde

add error messages on TreeTagger missing files
fix messages

1554 12/17/2018 02:22 pm Matthieu Decorde

fix some info and warning messages

1534 12/12/2018 05:25 pm Matthieu Decorde

fix duplicated loaded corpus

1515 12/07/2018 03:34 pm Matthieu Decorde

add parameter "url" to LoadBinarycorpus command
add parameter "stringArgs" to ExecuteScript and ExecuteMacro command
fix null pointers in Delete command

1466 11/30/2018 09:46 am Matthieu Decorde

enable annotation for xtz|txt|hyperbase|cnr|alceste|xml import modules
update txm.css (less bookish style)
fix XTZPager xsl step
word annotation annotate the first word by default

1465 11/30/2018 09:42 am Matthieu Decorde

annotation token mode: only annotate the first word

1453 11/29/2018 12:55 pm Matthieu Decorde

restore plot method in RWorkspace
move create&update date from Project to TXMResult
add create and update date in TXMResultDebugView
show build date in TXM startup message
fix cast exception in
fix org.txm.rcp runtime (bin was included)

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