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Toggle_check # Tracker Category Subject Status % Done
1837 FeatureAnnotationImport/Export Analec annotation structureNew

1838 FeatureUIEdition editor selection to select word spans in textsNew

1839 FeatureUIEdition editor styleNew

1840 FeatureUIPrepare SynopticEditor editor for interactions implemented in extensionsNew

1841 FeatureUIRewrite Analec unit interfaceNew

1847 BugAnnotationImport/Export Analec annotation structure: console messagesNew

1849 BugUIEdition Analec unit deletionClosed

1850 BugUIUnit annotation limits correction scenariosNew

1853 BugAnnotationImport/Export Analec annotation structure: file chooserNew

1854 BugUIEdition Analec unit creation/editionNew

1862 FeatureAnnotationAnalec unit selection policyNew

1863 FeatureAnnotationBrowse units in editionNew

1864 FeatureAnnotationAnalec unit navigation keyboard shortcutsNew

1865 FeatureAnnotationSelection highlight style policyNew

1866 FeatureUIAnalec annotation persistenceNew

1867 FeatureAnnotationAnalec menuNew

1868 FeatureAnnotationAnalec unit fields viewNew

1875 FeatureUIEdition Analec keep current viewport and selectionNew

1882 FeatureImportImport Glozz corpusNew

1884 BugUIViewport is reset when unit is created or deletedNew

1890 BugCorpusRCP: X.X, Analec annotation lost after reinstall or updateNew

1891 FeatureUI / EditorRCP: X.X, Analec annotation edition mouse managementNew

1893 FeatureAnnotationRCP: X.X, Save analec corpus within TXM corpusNew

1894 FeatureUI / InteractionRCP: X.X, mouse click bevahior on stacking annotationsNew

1895 FeatureUIRCP: X.X, analec copy unit toolbar buttonNew

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