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Toggle_check # Tracker Target version Category Subject % Done
1001 TaskMediaPlayerPreferencesMediaPlayer: discrete preference

1000 FeatureMediaPlayerPreferencesMediaPlayer: new preferences layout

936 BugMediaPlayerPluginsMediaPlayer: bad video widget play control

935 BugMediaPlayerPluginsMediaPlayer: bad video widget repeat control default value

772 FeatureMediaPlayerImportadd startTime and endTime attributes in the u tags during the TRS import

759 FeatureMediaPlayerUIBetter integration of the BackToMedia command

755 FeatureMediaPlayerUse maximum timing precision from transcriptions for media replay span

771 FeatureMediaPlayerUse word properties instead of structural units properties to find the media span to play

760 FeatureMediaPlayerUI / InteractionPlayer enhancements

754 FeatureMediaPlayerUI / InteractionChange focus behavior of the BackToMedia command

2608 BugMediaPlayerCommandsRCP: X.X, corpus custom media files discovery

950 FeatureMediaPlayerRange control enhancement

934 FeatureMediaPlayerPluginsMediaPlayer: Use <u> (utterance) structure attributes for media replay span

817 BugMediaPlayerVLCJ libs not found

792 BugMediaPlayerRemove VLC log messages

791 TaskMediaPlayerTranslate the UI

790 FeatureMediaPlayerNot loop by default

789 FeatureMediaPlayerVolume control enhancement

788 FeatureMediaPlayerUI / EditorRate control enhancements

787 FeatureMediaPlayercurrent time must be displayed

785 FeatureMediaPlayerstop button must be removed if coming from a concordance

784 BugMediaPlayerstop button should not replace 'Play' by 'Play...'

783 TaskMediaPlayerResume command must check start and end values

775 TaskMediaPlayerUIrename the "Back to media" menu entry

757 FeatureMediaPlayeradd media pitch option

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