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2583 BugNewNormalUI / Ergonomy0.6.2, Firefox 66.0.4, Chrome 74.0.3729.157: Return key doesn't work in the cooccurrence query field

2906 FeatureNewNormalUI / ErgonomyAdd text size

2877 BugNewNormalAdministrationAdmin, corpora files list, case sensitive sort

2878 BugNewNormalAdministrationAdmin, corpus load/remove, error on empty corpus field

2875 TaskNewNormalAdministrationAdmin, refresh corpus view after loading&removing a corpus

2575 BugNewNormalAdministrationAfter validating a profile edition, the content of the file stays in the field but the combo box selection doesn't stay on the profile name

2885 TaskNewNormalMessagesBetter portal title display

2907 TaskNewNormalCommandsCommand parameters check step

2873 BugNewNormalUIConcordance, broken on opening

2191 TaskNewNormalDevelopmentDefine the txm.war version to display it in the Tomcat Manager

1132 TaskNewNormalDOC: Add full description of txmweb.conf and textometrie.properties to portal admin manual

1604 TaskNewNormalDocumentationDOC: create a doc to explain how to listen on port 80 instead of 8080

726 TaskNewNormalDocumentationDOC: do the admin & dev documentation for the new features

2971 TaskNewNormalEdition command for subcorpora

2897 BugNewNormalAdministrationfix corpora list command columns

2984 BugNewNormalCommandsGWT, context command internal link is broken

280 BugNewNormalGWT: 0.5, Check and update internationalized messages

308 BugNewLowGWT: 0.5, Impossible to start a session with Firefox (versions to precise) after the BFM portal update (July 2013)

1065 BugNewNormalGWT: 0.5, Users' subcorpora lost at portal restart, feedback for ticket 284

1899 BugNewNormalCommandsGWT: 0.6, Selection failed with text name containing regular expression reserved characters

994 FeatureNewNormalDémarrageGWT: 0.6, Warning message during users initialization

1202 TaskNewNormalUI / EditorGWT: 0.6.1, Index "frequency" column size

1133 BugNewNormalStats / RGWT: 0.6.1, Cooccurences not working

1121 BugNewNormalGWT: 0.6.1, Display of Index and Concordance tab names of queries containing angle brackets

1194 BugNewNormalEditionGWT: 0.6.1, edition page CSS clash

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