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Toggle_check # Status Tracker Category Priority Subject % Done
2781 NewTaskAnnotationNormaldelete word or structure property

2533 NewTaskAnnotationNormalRCP: 0.8.0, multi properties concordance annotation

2850 NewTaskAnnotationNormalGlozz export, manage multi texts corpus

2879 NewTaskAnnotationHighRemove 'File > Restart engines' menu entry and open modal dialog box displaying the progression of the annotations saving operation

2817 NewTaskAnnotationNormal0.8.0&0.8.1, saving multiple word annotations

712 RejectedTaskChartsNormalRCP: x.x, Charts SWT components, Progression/Repartition, advanced implementation

819 ClosedTaskChartsUrgentRCP: 0.7.6, Charts, remove old charts generating and test code when the 0.7.6 will be validated

1228 ClosedTaskChartsLowRCP: 0.7.7, Charts engine advanced modes, R/PNG, R/JPEG, JFC/BMP, JFC/GIF, JFC/JPEG, JFC/PNG, JFC/SVG, JFC/PDF

1674 RejectedTaskChartsNormalClear the selection of chart entities when mouse clicking in an empty area

2003 ClosedTaskChartsNormalEnhance multiple charts engines cohabitation

2034 ClosedTaskChartsNormalRestore access to the pop up dialog of JFreeChart to edit chart rendering properties

2060 ClosedTaskChartsNormalExtract the R charts color palettes and share them with all charts engine implementations.

2062 ClosedTaskChartsNormalManage most chart rendering color modes

2120 ClosedTaskChartsNormalCA, extract all the UI related code in CAEditorInput and move it to CAEditor

2342 ClosedTaskChartsNormalCharts engine, set/fix default font preference

2570 ClosedTaskChartsNormalUse gray color rather than black for charts that have only one series in grayscale mode

2779 NewTaskCorpusNormalStructured Subcorpus query optimisation

2030 NewTaskDémarrageNormalDynamically draw the current version to the splash screen

2508 NewTaskDevelopmentNormalImprove and clean org.txm.rcp.utils.JobHandler

2149 NewTaskDevelopmentNormalImplement CorporaView results sorting

2216 NewTaskDevelopmentNormalCheck and/or define the vendor of each TXM plug-in

2491 NewTaskDevelopmentNormalImprove the R and CQP initialization

2666 NewTaskDevelopmentNormalRCP: 0.8.0, TokenizerClasses class cleanning

2738 NewTaskDevelopmentNormalImprove JavaFX libraries integration in TXM

2464 In ProgressTaskDevelopmentNormalfinish the development of Partition Index and Partition Index Editor

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