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Toggle_check # Tracker Target version Status Priority Category Subject % Done
142 FeaturePortal X.XNewHighUIGWT: 0.5, Favicon not displayed (or not correctly)

158 TaskPortal X.XNewNormalUI / InteractionGWT: 0.5, Portal and Safari 5

159 BugPortal X.XNewNormalToolboxGWT: 0.5, Page 404 and refreshing the url in the address bar

161 TaskPortal 0.6.2FeedbackHighToolboxGWT: 0.5, Multiple RServe servers for multiple portals per machine

171 TaskPortal X.XNewHighToolboxGWT: 0.5, URL redirection

183 FeaturePortal X.XNewNormalToolboxGWT: x.x, Improve the reliability of user data

184 TaskPortal X.XNewNormalToolboxGWT: x.x, Set up automated backup copying

185 TaskPortal X.XNewNormalToolboxGWT: 0.5, Reconsider the architecture of data backup

261 FeaturePortal X.XNewNormalSetupGWT: x.x, Develop a partial setup application for TXM Portal

280 BugPortal 0.7NewNormalGWT: 0.5, Check and update internationalized messages

282 BugPortal 0.6.3NewHighUI / InteractionGWT: 0.5, Highlighting of concordance pivots is lost when navigating in edition pages

287 TaskPortal X.XNewNormalGWT: x.x, Create a configuration exemple

288 TaskPortal 0.7NewNormalDevelopmentGWT: x.x, Fix warning issues

289 FeaturePortal X.XFeedbackNormalAdministrationGWT: x.x, Portal restart process

292 TaskPortal X.XNewNormalAdministrationGWT: x.x, edit HTML pages through admin panel

293 FeaturePortal X.XNewNormalUI / InteractionGWT: x.x, Server & browser state widget

308 BugPortal 0.7NewLowGWT: 0.5, Impossible to start a session with Firefox (versions to precise) after the BFM portal update (July 2013)

431 BugPortal 0.6.3NewHighAdministrationGWT: x.x, check profile coherence before saving it

440 TaskPortal 0.7NewNormalImportGWT: x,x, "Texts" table, set multiple sort keys at corpus import

443 FeaturePortal X.XNewNormalGWT: x,x, Reconsider the architecture of HTML pages

489 FeaturePortal 0.7NewLowGWT: x.x, KNIC concordances

565 FeaturePortal 0.7NewNormalUIGWT: x.x, Edition, Show text ID when browsing by motive

593 TaskPortal X.XNewNormalGWT: x,x, "Texts" command, Make the names of columns "id", "Biblio" and "PDF" customizable

595 TaskPortal X.XIn ProgressHighGWT: x.x, Enable direct access to a command via URL

613 TaskPortal 0.7NewNormalUI / InteractionGWT: x.x, Edition, Allow multiple facets when browsing by motive

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