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561 BugTBX: 0.7.5beta, test if registry file has been create by cwb-encode
557 TaskRCP: 0.7.5 beta: change RELEASE update level to STABLE
556 TaskTBX: 0.7.5beta, refactor parameters
555 TaskTBX: x.x: compiler.groovy scripts use the log preferences level
552 BugRCP: 0.7.5 beta: text separator metadata not set in preferences
545 TaskRCP: x.x TXM binary corpus extension
544 TaskRCP: x.x add "Execute Last Groovy script" command
543 TaskRCP: Groovy script binding names
542 TaskRCP: x.x Save before script execution
541 TaskRCP: x.x remove "Submit" button, R pesrpective
524 BugRCP: 0.7.5 beta: show path or corpus name in the error message concerning import.xml file
523 BugRCP: 0.7.5 beta: fix paths in TXM preferences backup (Windows)
521 TaskRCP: x.x, prevent interruptions while calling R
514 TaskRCP: 0.7.5 beta: remove RCP webBrowser preference page
502 TaskRCP: 0.7.5 beta: remove Lab perspective
498 BugRCP: 0.7.5 beta: fix setup for Ubuntu 13.10
493 BugRCP: 0.7.5 beta: Fix empty update&plugin repositories
492 BugRCP: 0.7.5 beta: Fix cooccurrence interruption
491 BugRCP: 0.7.5 beta: Fix setup and UI messages
490 TaskRCP: 0.7.5 Fix 0.7.5 beta bugs
477 FeatureRCP: x.x, execute last Groovy script called
278 FeatureCommandsRCP: x.x, enable plugins in TXM
854 BugImportTBX: 0.7.2, add metadata in XML-TXM text attributes during BFM and Transcriber imports
554 BugImportTBX: 0.7.5beta, ApplyXSL2.processImportFiles was processing XSL files
529 BugImportRCP: 0.7.5, xml-tei bfm import module, "could not delete [file] for metadatainjection" error

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