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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Category Subject % Done
280 BugNewNormalGWT: 0.5, Check and update internationalized messages

308 BugNewLowGWT: 0.5, Impossible to start a session with Firefox (versions to precise) after the BFM portal update (July 2013)

489 FeatureNewLowGWT: x.x, KNIC concordances

631 TaskNewNormalGWT: x.x, Create new Portal/Download - RCP/Export command

630 TaskNewNormalGWT: x.x, Create new getSource command

655 BugNewNormalGWT: 0.6alpha, Unexpected styling changes

658 BugNewNormalGWT: 0.6alpha, Excessive top margin on "number of lines per page" combo box

727 BugNewNormalGWT: x.x, Corpus reload bug

1065 BugNewNormalGWT: 0.5, Users' subcorpora lost at portal restart, feedback for ticket 284

1086 TaskNewNormalGWT: x.x, Portal Corpus Edition CMS pages - STEP 2

1090 FeatureNewNormalGWT: x.x, Rename "documentation" command to "home"

1091 FeatureNewNormalGWT: x.x, portal home UI

1121 BugNewNormalGWT: 0.6.1, Display of Index and Concordance tab names of queries containing angle brackets

1132 TaskNewNormalDOC: Add full description of txmweb.conf and textometrie.properties to portal admin manual

1135 TaskNewNormalGWT: x.x, Temporary ticket, various suggestions by Serge Heiden

1217 BugNewNormalGWT: X.X: fix back to text highlight padding

1536 FeatureNewNormalGWT: X.X, more corpus load details

1964 FeatureNewNormalGWT: X.X., TXM portals welcome page visibility for crawlers

2084 BugNewNormalGWT: 0.6.2, Firefox 52+ displays warning on insecure connection at log in

2347 TaskNewNormalGWT: X.X., Allow hiding and moving the first columns in "Texts" table and "Text selection" in corpus settings

2433 BugNewNormalGWT: 0.6.2, Admin interface, Malformed XML in user data export format

2469 BugNewNormalGWT: 0.6.2, Negative EditionPermission not working if set on a corpus or subcorpus

2690 BugNewNormalGWT: 0.6.2, Maintenance mode not exited completely after "Stop maintenance" in the administration interface

2896 TaskNewNormalGWT: x.x., Display corpus path before corpus name in the Corpus panel of the portal administration interface

2945 FeatureNewNormalGWT: X.X., Show total frequency and part size in partition indexes

2971 TaskNewNormalEdition command for subcorpora

1088 BugIn ProgressNormalAdministrationGWT: x.x, Change name "DictionnaryPermission" to "LexiconPermission" - STEP 2

1416 BugNewHighAdministrationGWT: 0.6: Java heap space exception

2575 BugNewNormalAdministrationAfter validating a profile edition, the content of the file stays in the field but the combo box selection doesn't stay on the profile name

2875 TaskNewNormalAdministrationAdmin, refresh corpus view after loading&removing a corpus

2876 TaskNewNormalAdministrationPortal shutdown, close users session

2877 BugNewNormalAdministrationAdmin, corpora files list, case sensitive sort

2878 BugNewNormalAdministrationAdmin, corpus load/remove, error on empty corpus field

2893 TaskNewNormalAdministrationPortal messages customisation

2897 BugNewNormalAdministrationfix corpora list command columns

1097 FeatureNewNormalCommandsGWT: x.x, Enable direct access to a command via URL - STEP 3 - add parameters

1298 TaskNewNormalCommandsGWT: x.x, Enable direct access to a command via URL - STEP 4 - login on access restriction

1899 BugNewNormalCommandsGWT: 0.6, Selection failed with text name containing regular expression reserved characters

1908 TaskNewNormalCommandsGWT: X.X., Display a bar chart as a result of 'Dimensions' command on a partition

2907 TaskNewNormalCommandsCommand parameters check step

2984 BugNewNormalCommandsGWT, context command internal link is broken

2515 FeatureNewNormalConfigurationGWT: 0.6.1, verify xml syntax conformity before using users and profiles configuration and messages parameter files

2516 FeatureNewNormalConfigurationGWT: 0.6.1, verify .properties files syntax and values types and syntax conformity before using configuration files

2903 BugNewNormalCorpusWrong corpus access error message when opening a command

994 FeatureNewNormalDémarrageGWT: 0.6, Warning message during users initialization

2935 TaskNewNormalDémarrageRGPD compliance - cookies

288 TaskNewNormalDevelopmentGWT: x.x, Fix warning issues

2191 TaskNewNormalDevelopmentDefine the txm.war version to display it in the Tomcat Manager

2192 BugNewNormalDevelopmentImprove the welcome loading screen.

726 TaskNewNormalDocumentationDOC: do the admin & dev documentation for the new features

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