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2881 NewBugStats / RHighR Perspective broken

2880 NewFeatureUI / ErgonomyHighSplit Licence and Options panels in first launch dialog box

2879 NewTaskAnnotationHighRemove 'File > Restart engines' menu entry and open modal dialog box displaying the progression of the annotations saving operation

2872 NewBugAnnotationNormalAnnotation bar, closing&reopening the annotation bar adds 1 new word annotation bar each time

2871 NewTaskImportNormalImport, description field, remove the build date from the default value generated by TXM

2870 NewBugEditionNormalBackToText, Windows 10, Javascript warning dialog

2869 NewBugNormalTIGERSearch, managing directories containing accents

2868 NewTaskExportNormalCorpus, export job, finer progress bar

2867 NewTaskMessagesNormalConsoleProgressBar, format

2866 NewBugImportHighXML/w import, progression dots and number of texts to process

2865 NewTaskMessagesNormalBackToText, no edition messages

2864 NewTaskDocumentationNormalDOC: XML-TRS, import parameters

2863 NewTaskDocumentationNormalDOC: corpus annotations

2862 NewTaskDocumentationNormalDOC: Save annotations command

2861 NewFeatureAnnotationNormalWord annotation, delete property

2860 NewBugAnnotationNormalAnnotations, save button fails if no annotation bar is open

2859 NewBugImportNormalStructure name, Structure property name or Word property name, CQP reserved keywords

2858 NewBugAnnotationNormalWord and Word Sequence Annotation, CQP reserved keywords

2857 NewBugMediaNormalMediaPlayer, MediaException: ERROR_MEDIA_INVALID: ERROR_MEDIA_INVALID

2856 NewTaskImportNormalXTZ import, remove or lighten TEI constraints

2855 NewFeatureToolboxNormalCorpus and commands retrocompatibility

2854 NewBugAnnotationNormalTreeTagger, restore default or previous path when uninstalling the extension

2853 NewTaskDocumentationNormalDOC: TreeTagger extension unsintall instructions

2852 NewBugAnnotationNormalTreeTagger, restore default or previous path when uninstalling the extension

2851 NewTaskSetupNormalSetups, simplify subversion of install directories and packages name

2850 NewTaskAnnotationNormalGlozz export, manage multi texts corpus

2849 NewBugAnnotationHighGlozz import, ignore or shift annotations

2848 NewBugAnnotationNormalWord sequence annotation, line refresh fails

2847 NewBugAnnotationNormalTranscriber corpus update, some Annotations Ignored in Type and Type/Value Word Sequence annotation mode

2846 NewTaskUI / MenuNormalHelp menu new arrangement

2845 NewTaskSetupNormalSetup, Ubuntu 20.04, prepare TXM 0.8.1 to be fully compatible with Ubuntu 20.04 debian packages

2844 NewBugCommandsLowCooccurrences, restore score column default order

2843 NewBugUpdateLowMac OS X, update, "Invalid cookie header" messages displayed

2842 NewBugAnnotationNormalAnnotations, save button fails if no annotation bar is open

2841 NewBugUINormalOpenLocalizedUrl, getValidUrl HTTP error detection

2840 NewTaskExportNormalExport, wrap the export data command with start and end messages

2837 NewTaskDocumentationNormalDOC: Metadata file format precedence

2836 NewTaskDocumentationNormalDOC: XML/w data source files selection

2835 NewTaskImportNormalImport, TXT+CSV, allow ".TXT" files as well

2834 NewBugImportNormalImport, XML/w, data source discovery step not clear

2832 NewTaskImportNormalImport, TXT+CSV, disable recursive file discovery

2831 NewTaskSetupNormalSetup, Ubuntu 20.04, prepare TXM 0.8.1 to be compatible with Ubuntu 20.04 debian packages

2830 NewBugSetupNormalMac OS X, setup, Rprofile file trying to load the textometrieR package

2829 NewFeatureUI / ErgonomyNormalajouter un titre aux listes de sélection dans les widgets de choix de propriétés à combiner

2828 NewBugExportNormalExport, corpus, file name and selection

2827 NewBugUpdateNormal0.8.1, Update, TXM not restarting

2826 NewBugCommandsNormalSpecificity, subcorpus, failure on computing

2825 NewBugUINormalWindows, update, warning technical messages

2824 NewBugSetupNormal0.8.1, Linux, unsintallation not complete

2823 NewBugAnnotationHigh"File > Exporter > Corpus au format Glozz (.ac. aa et .aam)..." command broken

2822 NewFeatureImportNormalImport, strengthen the word id attributes management in XML sources and binary corpus

2821 NewBugImportNormalImport, broken generated word id

2820 NewTaskSetupNormalSetup, windows, uninstall prompt must show the TXM version to be uninstalled

2819 NewBugAnnotationNormal0.8.0, when deleting a corpus the KR is not deleted

2818 NewBugAnnotationNormal0.8.0, add new word annotation with the same name

2817 NewTaskAnnotationNormal0.8.0&0.8.1, saving multiple word annotations

2816 NewBugAnnotationNormal0.8.1beta, annotating one text might mess up the word properties

2815 NewBugImportNormaltreetagger won't run on Mac OS X catalina

2814 NewBugMacrosNormalTableReader utils broken on ODS files

2812 NewFeatureUI / MenuNormalMacro main menu V2 - user customization

2811 NewFeatureUI / MenuNormalMacro toolbar

2810 NewFeatureUI / MenuNormalMacro main menu V1

2807 NewBugUI / MenuNormalFrench Localized links don't work

2806 NewTaskDocumentationNormaltxm manual / add uninstallation section

2805 RejectedBugMessagesNormalstacktrace on "unable to find valid certification path to requested target"

2804 NewTaskUpdateNormalupdate sites URL

2803 NewTaskSetupNormalfinalizing URLs

2802 NewTaskDocumentationNormalDOC: renaming TXM.ini and TXM.exe files

2801 NewBugUI / MenuNormal0.8.1, localized help links, unable to find valid certification path to requested target

2800 NewBugSetupNormalWindows, corpus recovery dialog not shown

2799 NewBugStartupNormalPrevious corpus directory size

2798 NewTaskUI / MenuNormalmigrate sf page links to gitlab page links

2797 NewTaskUI / MenuNormalmigrate textometrie.ens-lyon.fr links to gitlab pages

2796 NewBugSetupNormalWindows, update, erase TXM.bat with the wrong one

2795 NewFeatureUpdateNormalUpdate, add tests to verify if the current TXM user can install an update

2794 NewBugCommandsNormalLexicalTable, broken vmax parameter

2793 NewBugImportNormal0.8.0, XTZ Import, XLSX and ODS metadata files not supported when XSL directory is present

2792 NewBugImportNormalXTZ import, XSL editions not optimized when corpus is updated

2791 NewBugStats / RNormalWindows, R process is not stopped when TXM is stopped

2790 NewBugSetupNormalUpdates not working, update can't replace some plugins

2788 NewBugStats / RNormalR post-installation messages

2787 NewBugImportNormalXTZ import, XSL editions not optimized when corpus is updated

2786 NewBugImportNormalXTZ compiler step, XML-TXM files scanned twice

2785 NewBugStats / RNormalWindows, can't run multiple instances of TXM

2784 NewBugCorpusNormalBinary corpus load failed on TXM 0.7.9 corpus

2783 NewBugUI / ErgonomyNormalExport binary corpus, 0.8.1, No output filename suggested

2782 NewBugMediaNormalBack-to-media, 0.8.1, Sample TRS corpus, link to media broken

2781 NewTaskAnnotationNormaldelete word or structure property

2780 NewBugCommandsHighimpossible to switch to the R perspective

2779 NewTaskCorpusNormalStructured Subcorpus query optimisation

2778 NewBugMacrosNormalMacro parameter file wrong location

2777 NewBugStats / RNormalR, Mac OS X, TXM can't start RServe if it is not installed in /Applications

2776 NewTaskUI / ErgonomyNormalPropertySelector dialog, better display word/structures properties difference and selected properties difference

2775 NewBugCorpusNormalConcordance, limit query broken on multi structures set

2773 NewBugUI / EditorNormalCooccurrence, when reopening a result or typing a query some double quotes are added to the query

2772 NewBugStats / RNormalCA, empty column in lexical table

2770 NewBugStats / RNormalR and libpng12-0 dependency

2768 NewTaskUINormalStandardize and restore the messages in status bar

2766 NewTaskUpdateHighImproves the way the JRE is embedded

2765 NewTaskDocumentationNormalDOC: Windows, update , administrator rights

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