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1313 NewBugImportUrgentRCP: 0.7.7, Impossible to import a corpus with some Unicode characters

1484 NewBugCorpusUrgentTBX: 0.7.7, update all FR and EN sample corpora

1510 NewBugImportUrgentTBX: 0.7.7, conflicts between default automatic word properties names and incorrect edition word tooltips in XML/w+CSV

2059 NewBugImportUrgentRCP: 0.7.8, fix pre-encoded word properties in XML/w+CSV

2086 NewBugImportUrgentRCP: X.X, manage BOM

2250 NewBugImportUrgentRCP: X.X, The end of a word after a page break is not highlighted with back to text from concordance

2258 NewBugUrgentRCP: 0.7.8, XMLW and XTZ import modules, line breaks trimmed causing tokenization errors

2364 NewBugImportUrgentTBX: 0.7.9, build word IDs if not present in w tags for back-to-text when not tokenizing

2474 NewFeatureUI / ErgonomyUrgentRCP: X.X, result creation journal, publication and literate programming

2704 NewBugStats / RUrgentIn some environments, on Windows, there might be a conflict between already installed R and TXM embedded R

2473 NewFeatureUIHighRCP: x.x, Be able to rename CQP corpus and subcorpus

2270 ClosedBugHighRCP: 0.7.8, Mac OS X Disabled menus

2280 NewBugImportHighRCP: 0.7.8, missing TreeTagger french tokenisation rules

2496 NewBugUI / ImportHighThere is no alert popup when importing a corpus with same name as an existing one anymore

2724 NewBugUpdateHighUpdates may fail on some Windows versions due to user file permissions

2748 NewBugUI / EditorHighConcordance pivot sorting seems broken after annotating some word properties

2766 NewTaskUpdateHighImproves the way the JRE is embedded

229 In ProgressBugUI / Link / CommandNormalRCP: 0.7.2, improve Index to Concordance link

486 NewBugCommandsNormalPartition Index, part columns don't sort properly.

770 NewFeatureCommandsNormalRCP: X.X, optimize concordance object memory footprint

828 ClosedFeatureImportNormalRCP: x.x, Macro XTZEditionBuilder

829 ClosedFeatureImportNormalRCP: x.x, Macro FacsEditionBuilder

944 NewTaskExportNormalRCP: 0.7.6, export chart, export data, add the format types in the dialog box and export data/chart sharing

1054 RejectedFeatureChartsNormalRCP: 0.7.6, AFC results view, hide items legend

2793 NewBugImportNormal0.8.0, XTZ Import, XLSX and ODS metadata files not supported when XSL directory is present

986 NewTaskUI / EditorNormalRCP: X.X, implement a truncation system for long TXMResult titles

1099 NewBugStats / RNormalRCP: 0.7.6, Specificities crashes RServe on some subcorpus

2476 NewBugCommandsNormalLexical Table, having more than one row or column with same names is not compatible with Specificities, CA, etc. computing

2478 NewBugUI / EditorNormalEditor, the first line composite is not hidden/disposed even if it's empty and the compute button has been programmatically removed

1215 RejectedBugCommandsNormalRCP: 0.7.7, specificities result opens an empty editor

2508 NewTaskDevelopmentNormalImprove and clean org.txm.rcp.utils.JobHandler

1288 ClosedFeatureImportNormalTBX: X.X, XTZImporter macro

1304 ClosedBugImportNormalTBX: x.x, font import parameter should be used for editions

1478 RejectedBugSetupNormalRCP: 0.7.7, Avoid user to run TXM from the Program Files diretory

2244 NewBugSetupNormalRCP: 0.7.8, Ubuntu dock launcher icon starts TXM with the wrong .txm directory

1664 NewFeatureUI / ErgonomyNormalRCP: X.X, simplify the lexicon word property choice

1798 NewBugImportNormalTBX: 0.7.8, XTZ word properties update

1846 NewTaskDocumentationNormalDOC: encoding and declaration of front and back TEI elements in XTZ import

1927 NewBugAnnotationNormalRCP: 0.7.8, annotating broke the concordance sort

1952 NewBugUpdateNormalRCP: 0.7.8, force update site refreshing

1965 NewBugUINormalResults tab is split in 2 parts at startup if concordance + edition were displayed at the last session

1979 NewBugImportNormalRCP: X.X, parts order in partition

2026 NewBugCorpusNormalRCP: 0.7.7, subcorpus dialog enhancement

2030 NewTaskDémarrageNormalDynamically draw the current version to the splash screen

2035 ClosedBugUpdateNormalRCP, 0.7.7: Update fails with error and null value (win32)

2043 NewFeatureDocumentationNormalRCP: 0.7.8: graphic shortcuts on Windows 10 laptop

2149 NewTaskDevelopmentNormalImplement CorporaView results sorting

2167 NewFeatureStats / RNormalCaches on Java side some R data values

2181 NewBugSetupNormalRCP: 0.7.8 Linux, direct crash on various CQP access

2211 ClosedFeatureImportNormalGestion des CSS module d'import Presse-Papier

2216 NewTaskDevelopmentNormalCheck and/or define the vendor of each TXM plug-in

2185 NewBugImportNormalRCP: 0.7.9, Lexical Table, merged lines naming can lead to a bug when reimporting a table

2237 NewFeatureUINormalRCP: X.X, Manage font display in all TXM widgets (editors, views, etc.)

2252 NewBugNormalRCP: 0.7.8, XML/w import module, creating text identifiers fails when the root <TEI> element does not contain a <text> child

2584 NewFeatureAnnotationNormalRCP: X.X, Homogenize annotation toolbars

2373 NewBugNormalRCP: 0.7.9, XTZ + CSV import module: error in page indexing if source file name contains the "_" character

2400 NewTaskUINormalStandardize the text labels of the results in some UI locations

2517 NewBugImportNormalRCP: 0.7.9, give useful information in the console when "disk full" error occurs during import modules

2405 NewTaskUI / EditorNormalLighten the CA and MultiPagesEditor system

2411 NewBugCommandsNormalCooccurrence, "tc" value seems to always be equal to 0 info parameters area

2645 NewFeatureCorpusNormalRCP: X.X, TXMResult description parameter

2427 NewTaskStrings translationNormalTXM0.8.0: remove/fix broken externalized strings

2429 NewBugDémarrageNormalMove the load of the sample corporas to the Modal Dialog job thread

2781 NewTaskAnnotationNormaldelete word or structure property

2782 NewBugMediaNormalBack-to-media, 0.8.1, Sample TRS corpus, link to media broken

2452 NewFeaturePreferencesNormalAdd a preference to set the CQP matching strategy

2454 NewFeatureUI / ParametersNormalAdd a new CQL 'matching strategy' parameter

2450 NewFeaturePersistence / LazyNormalPersist the user modifications done on a lexical table

2451 NewFeaturePersistence / LazyNormalPersist concordance user modifications

2468 NewBugCommandsNormalRCP: 0.7.9, FCA broken on 7M words corpus / 79 texts partition

2484 NewBugUI / EditorNormalCA, the cascade children editor refreshing method call 3 refreshes in CAEditor

2487 NewTaskSetupNormalEnhance production of multi-target setups

2489 NewBugUI / EditorNormalLexical Table, popup alert to inform user that children results will be recomputed is not triggered after editing the result

2491 NewTaskDevelopmentNormalImprove the R and CQP initialization

2495 NewBugImportNormalRCP: 0.8.0, Orphans RCP project directories/files when canceling an import

2502 NewFeatureUINormalEnable red color in TXM Console for severe log level and stderr

2513 NewFeatureSetupNormalRCP: X.X, port TXM home directory choice to Linux and Mac OS X

2512 NewFeatureStartupNormalRCP: X.X, add a pop up dialog at first launch to ask to the user if he wants or not import corpora of an older TXM version

2520 NewBugImportNormalRCP: 0.7.9, CQP recursive structures management in conflict with some structure names given in sources, for all XML based import modules

2524 NewTaskDocumentationNormalDOC: 0.8.0, TXM directories

2528 NewBugUI / EditorNormalRCP: 0.7.9: edition editor reseted to first page when opening annotation tools or when changing shown editions

2529 NewTaskSetupNormalRCP: 0.8.0, alpha, beta and stable setups must uninstall the other alpha, beta or stable versions

2532 NewTaskDocumentationNormalDOC: chart export default file format

2533 NewTaskAnnotationNormalRCP: 0.8.0, multi properties concordance annotation

2534 NewBugPersistence / LazyNormalWindows, Corpus deletion problem if some files are in use

2538 NewBugSetupNormalRCP: 0.8.0, antivirus compatibility on Windows

2539 NewTaskDocumentationNormalDOC: corpus view new commands

2540 NewTaskDocumentationNormalDOC: internal view new name and missing section in the "8 commandes"

2541 NewTaskDocumentationNormalDOC: menu principal "Macros"

2542 NewTaskDocumentationNormalDOC: résultats cachés

2543 NewTaskDocumentationNormalDOC: commande conserver

2545 NewBugCommandsNormalLexical Table user edition is not persisted

2547 NewBugUI / EditorNormalLexical Table, Ubuntu 18.10, last column has wrong width by grabbing excess horizontal space

2549 NewBugUI / EditorNormalSpecificities, Ubuntu 18.10, last column has wrong width by grabbing excess horizontal space

2550 NewTaskDocumentationNormalDOC: TXM uninstall instructions

2552 NewFeatureSetupNormalRCP: X.X, Improve Ubuntu launcher access

2553 NewBugSetupNormalRCP: 0.8.0, homogenize localized UI strings management (ru)

2554 NewBugUINormalRCP: 0.7, fix UI lazy strings update after UI locale change

2555 NewFeatureUINormalRCP: X.X, show at start up the TXM build date next to the version

2560 NewBugStats / RNormalRCP: 0.8.0, lexical table sort when lines are merged

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